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Finlandia Podcast Network

Love podcasts? So do we.

Our love for podcasts is why we’ve introduced the Finlandia Podcast Network. The network is a series of shows by Finlandia University highlighting the amazing people that make up our learning community. Below you’ll find a brief description of each show, and a feed of all episodes. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you download podcasts!

Finlandia Fridays

Finlandia Fridays is an entertaining way to stay up to date with school events, stimulating discussion and student stories. These 5-10 minute excerpts will surely brighten your day and keep you in the FinnU loop. They come out each Friday throughout the academic year as a podcast, video and radio show on 99.3 FM The Lift.


Lion Around is the student-hosted podcast, whose hosts are both seniors – Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche. Both Freeman and Geliche are members of the Servant Leadership House and active members on campus, an attribute that Gorman believed to be important for the podcasts’ hosts. The first episode of Lion Around was launched this past Monday, and focused on the differences between moving to school freshmen year versus senior year. The podcast was recorded in Finn Hall, which is another feature of Lion Around. Once deciding on a topic, the podcast chooses a location that relates to the topic.


Initially started last year by student Travis Cornwell and played over FM radio, This Week in Finlandia Athletics has been re-vamped to be in the FPN line-up. The first episode debuted Thursday and was live from Finlandia Hall. The podcast is an opportunity for Finlandia athletics personnel and athletes to be on a live radio broadcast that will also be recorded as a podcast. This Week in Finlandia Athletics will appear on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. with host Rick Allen from 99.3 The Lift, and arrive in your podcast feed shortly after.


The final podcast came about this summer as the communications staff reached out to various alumni and found that they were doing some remarkable things within their fields. “We wanted to make sure we brought something to them no matter where they were at,” remarked Gorman. Leading the Pride is a monthly podcast, hosted by the Coordinator of External Relations Olivia Myers. The episodes will emphasize what has helped the alumni get them to where they are now.

Finlandia Podcast Network Episodes

Here you will find a full archive of podcasts from the Finlandia Podcast Network!

  • Learning to give Permission with Finnish American Artist Tia Keo

    Tia Keo on Finlandia Fridays

    Visiting artist Tia Keo dropped by Finlandia Fridays this week to talk about her work in the 28th Annual Finnish Contemporary Artist Series. Keo’s father David Salmela was the 16th artist in the series, making it the first time two family members have been showcased in the series.

    Keo has a variety of work hanging in the gallery, from sculpture to weavings. Keo admitted while being an artist her whole life, she has just recently started calling herself [...]

  • Stressing over finals? This can help! Finals week survival guide Winter 2018

    Finals are stressful. It’s not a question, or up for debate, they just are. As a university, we are here to help make this hard time of the semester as easy for you as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a little survival guide to help you get through Finals Week, and don’t worry we’ll be sending out reminders about all of these events on the Finlandia Snapchat. Follow along @finlandiau.

    First and foremost, kick off finals week with Late [...]

  • Lion Around’s 2018 college student Christmas gift list

    Lion Around discussing college gift lists


    With the holidays coming up, Lion Around hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche sat down to talk about a serious topic, what to get a college student for Christmas. Recording on the second floor of North Wind Books, Freeman and Geliche discussed the excitement of receiving kitchen utensils as you grow older. With several categories and puns to get through, Freeman and Geliche started with useful cookware/ kitchen items.

    What’s Cooking?

    Freeman first suggests a slow cooker for college [...]

  • Best coffee shops in Copper Country for students

    Lion Around perks- talking about the best coffee shops

    Sitting outside the 5th & Elm Coffee located on campus, Lion Around discussed all the best coffee shops in the Copper Country. Both Monica and Gina are regular-ish coffee drinkers, who believe that coffee is beneficial to keep students functioning during their college careers. Geliche started drinking coffee within the last two to three years, while Freeman picked up the habit her senior year of high school. Due to their caffeine habits, the Lion Around hosts have scoured the Copper [...]

  • Finlandia Fridays prepares to give thanks with Olivia Myers

    Michael H. Babcock and Olivia Myers

    Coordinator of External Relations Olivia Myers dropped by Finlandia Fridays this week to discuss an exciting event that will be taking place November 27- Giving Tuesday.

    “Giving Tuesday is a result of combatting the idea of spending for the holidays by donating to the non-profit of your choice,” stated Myers. Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, or the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. FinnU is jumping on board the Giving Tuesday trend this year by hosting a [...]

  • Lions take the field with soccer players Kasey Barber and Kirsten L’Esperance

    Field Tests with Kirsten and Kasey

    Setting school history this week, Finlandia is hosting the American Collegiate Athletic Association’s men’s and women’s soccer conference tournament. With that Finlandia Fridays was visited by two soccer players, Kasey Barber and Kirsten L’Esperance, both of whom are looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

    Barber discussed how the men’s team has had their fair share of difficulties this season. With a new coach and less players than expected, Barber stated “it’s been tough. But we’ve [...]

  • Lion Around gets spooked telling ghost stories

    Lion Around sharing ghost stories

    Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche found themselves back in the Jutila Center for this spooky episode of Lion Around. With its history of being a hospital and rumors of ghost stories, the uninhabited floors of Jutila seemed to be the place to conjure up some Halloween magic. Both non-believers in the supernatural, Freeman and Geliche tried to keep the stories as local as possible and would like to thank North Wind Books, Dr. Hilary-Joy Virtanen, and [...]

  • The Paloheimo Fellowship: Finn-ding out about Finland with Dana Pakulski and Kaylor Holmstrom

    Paloheimo Fellows Dana Pakulski and Kaylor Holmstrom for Finlandia Fridays

    Seniors Kaylor Holmstrom and Dana Pakulski recounted tales of their times as Paloheimo Fellows this week on Finlandia Fridays. The Paloheimo Fellowship is an opportunity for Finlandia students to study a topic in Finland for several weeks for little-to-no cost.

    “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get to go and study in Finland with very minimal cost.” Dana Pakulski.

    Unlike study abroad, the Paloheimo Fellowship requires students to choose an aspect of Finland to study and blog about. Pakulski, [...]

  • Leading the Pride featuring future D.O. and Biology alum, Matthew McLaughlin (’17)

    Leading the Pride

    Leading the Pride is a monthly podcast that focuses on accomplished Suomi College and Finlandia University alumni. This month’s guest is Matthew McLaughlin (‘17), who was one of the first graduates from Finlandia’s new Biology program. McLaughlin was also a graduate of the ROTC program, a four year hockey player and the Class of 2017 student speaker. He commissioned into the US Army as a second lieutenant after college and is currently [...]

  • Ask a Campus Read author, Lindsay King-Miller dives into book and LGBTQ awareness

    Lindsay King-Miller on Finlandia Fridays

    Author Lindsay King-Miller was invited to campus this week to speak about her book Ask a Queer Chick; a Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls. While on campus King-Miller dropped by Finlandia Fridays to discuss and inform others of her experiences.

    “The campus has been incredibly welcoming. Everyone has been asking great questions, making me feel like everyone has read my writing which makes me feel so special, unique and amazing.”

    King-Miller visited several [...]

  • Viral artist Libby VanderPloeg GIFs Finlandia Fridays with artistic knowledge

    Libby VanderPloeg Finlandia Fridays

    Visiting artist Libby VanderPloeg dropped by Finlandia Fridays to share her artistic wisdom, and to settle the debate, is it GIF with the “g” sound or GIF with the “j” sound, like the peanut butter. VanderPloeg is nationally known and has work appear in the New York Times, Netflix, Huffington Post, Penguin Random House, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and

  • Lion Around gets serious talking about Month of Action

    Lion Around

    Lion Around dropped by the Chapel of St. Matthew this week to talk about a more serious subject – The Month of Action. Chosen for a specific reason, the Chapel of St. Matthew houses the office of the campus pastor, who is a confidential source for students to go to when they need to talk about anything.

    Delving into the nitty gritty, The Month of Action is month-long campaign funded by a grant from the Michigan State Police [...]

  • Jordan Siegler talks alumni board and career preparation in the arts

    To celebrate homecoming this weekend, Finlandia University welcomed one of its most highly regarded graduates to campus with Jordan Siegler (’09) visiting the set of Finlandia Fridays. Siegler is an alum of FinnU’s International School of Art & Design, has served as Finlandia Alumni Board President since 2016 and works in fundraising for Wisconsin Public Television.

    Siegler spent last weekend in town to take part in the Alumni Board’s annual fall meeting. [...]

  • Lion Around hits home talking about homecoming week

    Lion Around

    *Cue drum roll* — It’s homecoming week! FinnU is bringing homecoming back and there is an all-star lineup of events. This week’s episode was recorded in Old Main, the school’s original building.

    Formerly known as Suomi College, and started in 1896, Old Main used to be the only building on the campus. Freeman and Geliche kicked off the special edition episode by recounting the special times they had at their high school homecomings. Geliche stated that she had a special attachment [...]

  • Learning about healthy gender identity with Filmmaker Byron Hurt

    Byron Hurt at Finlandia University

    This week Finlandia Fridays was visited by documentary filmmaker Byron Hurt. Hurt’s film Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes was shown last week to kick off the Month of Action, a month-long campaign put on by Finlandia to raise awareness against sexual violence and encourage healthy gender identity. Hurt was also on campus to give a talk “Locker Room Talk or Toxic Masculinity?”, which took place earlier this week.

    Despite being tired from travel before the talk, Hurt said [...]

  • What’s Burning? Lion Around Podcast Gives College Cooking Tips

    Lion Around

    The Lion Around podcast went back into Finn Hall for its third episode, which focuses on college cooking tips and tricks. Finn Hall (short for Finlandia Hall), is the only residence hall on FinnU’s campus, and it is equipped with community lounges on each floor. Each lounge comes with a microwave, stove top, mini fridge and, sink so students can cook for themselves outside of cafeteria hours or instead of going to the cafeteria.

    Since many students are on their own [...]

  • Leading the Pride features best-selling author and motivational speaker, Asha Tyson (’90)

    Leading the Pride

    The debut episode of Leading the Pride is finally here. Leading the Pride is Finlandia University’s newest podcast in the Finlandia Podcast Network. It is a monthly podcast that focuses on accomplished Suomi College and Finlandia University alumni.

    The first guest on the show is Asha Tyson (’90), a Suomi alumna who went from abused homeless teenager begging her way into college to Fortune 500 motivational speaker and international best selling author of the [...]

  • Juliet Kitale of Tanzania talks about trip to U.S. on Finlandia Fridays

    For more than a week now the Copper Country has been blessed with a dozen visitors coming all the way from Tanzania, and this week on Finlandia Fridays we got to meet one of them, Juliet Kitale.

    Kitale and 11 others were brought overseas by Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Hancock to explore the area, live with the families of the church and be reunited with many Finlandia faculty and staff members who have traveled to Tanzania over [...]