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Lion Around rings in new year by facing the last semester “scaries”

January 24, 2019

Monica and Gina preparing for the last semesterBack for their last semester, hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche hit off the first Lion Around of 2019 talking about… well their last semester and what that all entails. Recording in Old Main, where Freeman and Geliche’s Finlandia stories started, the hosts recount their hopes and fears of their last semester.

Facing her last semester, Freeman stated that many people have asked if she is graduating in the spring, which is typically followed by what her next steps are after graduation. Freeman and Geliche both agreed that while the thought of their last semester is exciting, it is also intimidating not knowing where their lives will be come May. Geliche stated that she has been receiving the “are you graduating this year?” question for the past three years.

With the semester already in swing, Freeman and Geliche discuss the difficulties and horrors of looking for jobs. A daunting task for anyone, Geliche talked about the need for experience and specific skills to apply for jobs and how some jobs may train you on the job, but there is always the concern of whether or not the trainee will be getting paid during training. Freeman is hoping that her internship within the marketing and communications department will help her land a job instead of landing another internship. The duo also talked about their previous jobs, with Geliche gaining work experience by working several different jobs on campus and babysitting throughout high school.  With the talk of work experience, the hosts also mentioned the importance of resume building.

Along with job hunting, Geliche and Freeman have talked about moving into together and looking for a place to live, if they are hired in areas that are close enough to each other. Both hosts are determined to find jobs before finding a residence. The hosts also mention that there are certain things they are going to miss after graduation, like the changing of the seasons.  Both Freeman and Geliche love fall, but spring in the U.P. holds a special spot on Freeman’s heart. While both seniors are not opposed to living in the U.P. right after graduation, they are both hoping to spread their wings and see other places.


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