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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Learn how the social world works with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.


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The sociology degree program offers a global perspective on how the social world works. As a discipline, sociology covers many areas, including individual interaction, gender, race, sport, the family, the economy, and social movements. The sociology program is ideal for students who want to know how the world works.


Sociology majors develop analytical and critical thinking skills as you apply a variety of theories and methodologies to understand and analyze contemporary social issues such as poverty, social inequality, social uprisings, and how the media works. All of this provides solid training for anyone considering an array of careers and graduate degrees.


In the Spring of 2021, Finlandia signed an articulation agreement with Northern Michigan University to create a clear pathway to a Master’s in Social Work degree from NMU. While the agreement doesn’t guarantee you a place in NMU’s MSW program, it will give you a leg up in the application process by:

  • Ensuring you have completed all pre-reqs for the program
  • No application fee
  • Early decision by December of the year prior to graduation (most students have to wait until Feb. 28)
  • Proving you with opportunities to meet with Northern’s MSW faculty early in your academic career

Interested in learning more? Ask your admissions officer or academic advisor for all the details.

“I like to think analytically and outside the box on multiple levels. At Finlandia, in sociology and philosophy, they encourage thinking on the micro and macro scale. I think a lot of people in the working world either can’t do that or lose track of that over time."

Dan Weldon ('17)

"The classes in general have really affected my ability to do critical thinking, and I think that was something I was really missing in my education in high school. In high school, a lot of it was memorization, whereas now, it's a whole new type of learning for me."

Hailee Johnson ('17)

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The Classes

Course Descriptions


  • Personal Perspective: Demonstrate a broad understanding of a range of sociological topics.
  • Global Perspective: Analyze the relationships between society and the thinking, acting, and interaction patterns of its citizens.
  • Creative Insight: Conduct and assess sociological research at a basic to intermediate level.
  • Communication: Defend and integrate different sociological approaches.
  • Critical Thinking: Integrate major sociological theories and research methodologies.



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Finlandia University Teach-Out Institutions

May 16, 2023

Updated May 16, 2023

On Thursday, March 2, Finlandia University’s Board of Trustees announced that FinnU will not enroll students for the 2023-2024 academic year. Announced Tuesday, March 14, the University’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to dissolve the institution and wind up affairs in an orderly manner.

Finlandia has finalized eight Teach-Out Agreements with Adrian College, Bay College, Michigan Technological University, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Northern Michigan University, University of Dubuque, Waldorf University, and Wartburg College. Several non-partnering institutions have […] Read More

Relive Graduation Day 2023 at Finlandia University | Photo Gallery & Livestreams

May 11, 2023

Finlandia University held its final Spring Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 7, honoring 92 graduates in the Class of 2023. Following commencement, a commendation service was held for Finlandia University students, staff, faculty, alumni, neighbors and friends, commending the University and its 126 years of service.

Full High-Res Photos from Spring 2023 Commencement:


On-Demand Livestream of Spring 2023 Commencement:

Full High-Res Photos from Service of Commendation:

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Hirvonen Hall exterior
Finlandia honors legacy, Class of 2023 with final commencement and commendation ceremonies

May 10, 2023

Founded in 1896 as Suomi College, Finlandia University held its final spring commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 7, honoring 92 graduates in the Class of 2023. In March, the University announced the decision to dissolve the institution and not enroll students for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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President Timothy Pinnow congratulates student at FinnU’s Spring 2023 Commencement Ceremony.

Delivering the welcome address was Board Trustee Stephen Nikander, whose great-grandfather founded the institution and whose grandfather served […] Read More

Faculty and Staff

Richard Gee

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice


Cassandra Hill, Ph.D.

Dean & Associate Professor of Communication


Michael Reay

Assistant Professor of Sociology

FinnU will not enroll students for 2023-2024Learn More
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