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We are more than happy to help get your academic transcripts from Finlandia University (formerly Suomi College) to where you need them. Please read over the information below, and when ready,  click the “Begin Your Transcript Request” button.

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Students who wish to request transcripts must follow these guidelines:

  • Click the following link that will direct you to the Parchment website.
  • If you do not already have a login established, you will need to do so by clicking on “Create Account.”  This will become an established account that you can use in the future for additional transcript requests.
  • From here, you will proceed through the prompts to request an official transcript.
  • You will be required to pay for your transcript through the secure Parchment website.
  • Effective May 8, 2017, the paper Transcript Request Form will no longer be accepted for new transcript requests.

Begin Your Transcript Request Here

The following information must be provided:

  • Last four digits of your social security number.
  • Name when attending Finlandia University (including any previous names).
  • Birth date and years of attendance at Finlandia University (or Suomi College).
  • A specific name and address or email address where the transcript should be sent, including the third party contact name.
  • A current address and phone number to contact you for more information.


Transcript Type and Delivery Method   Fee  Shipping & Handling  Total Cost
eTranscript – secure PDF delivery  $7.00  N/A  $7.00
Paper Transcript – Mailed (Standard USPS)  $7.00  $2.50  $9.50
Paper Transcript – Pickup  $10.00  N/A  $10.00
Paper Transcript – Pickup – Same Day*  $15.00  N/A  $15.00
*Same Day Pickup must be requested by 11 a.m. ET

Please note the following:

  • Transcripts cannot be released for students with an outstanding student account balance at Finlandia, or for students in default on a Perkins Student Loan from Finlandia University.
  • An unofficial record of classes for personal use can be printed on plain white paper for currently enrolled students only.
  • Finlandia University does not fax transcripts.
  • Except for a transcript that has been paid for online and requested as a paper pickup in the office, all other transcripts will be delivered (email and postal) by Parchment.
  • After submitting a transcript request online, you will receive updates on the status through the email address that is provided by you.
  • Transcripts are generally processed within 3 – 5 business days.

If you’re interested in transferring into Finlandia University, visit our TRANSFER ADMISSIONS PAGE.

transcripts from other colleges, universities, and high schools

You will need to contact your high school and/or college and order transcripts from the issuing institutions. Finlandia University does not issue transcripts from other institutions.

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