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Six Tips for Crushing it on LinkedIn by Lion Around Podcast

March 13, 2019

Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche are back this week with a new episode of Lion Around. Recording on the Finlandia Fridays set, the co-hosts are joined by Haley Makela and Samantha Richards. Makela, a senior marketing major from Atlantic Mine, was featured on the “What Does Your Major Do” episode earlier this semester. Richards is a senior accounting major from Dollar Bay. Geliche, Freeman and Makela will all graduate in the spring, while Richards will graduate in December. With graduation in the near future for all of the students, they chose to talk about LinkedIn.

All four students have LinkedIn accounts, Makela and Geliche having their accounts for the most time. Freeman made her’s within the past year, and Richards within the past month. With LinkedIn being an important tool for students and professionals in the workforce, here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn from students who have a vague idea of how to use the app.

Six tips for college students using LinkedIn

Create a profile

Tip one from the students is to create a LinkedIn profile, if you have not done so already. LinkedIn is an easy way for potential employers to find job prospects. With a LinkedIn profile, one can also look and apply for jobs, while building their network of connections. Profiles are important to have if you are graduating or looking to get a job, whether it is part-time or full-time. We’d suggest creating that profile as soon as you start college so you can begin to build that network from the start.

Remember you have an account and keep it current

For tip two, Geliche stressed remembering you actually have an account. The account should be updated often, so the information on the account is current. Whether or not someone uses LinkedIn to its full potential, it is an important tool to have. Remembering that you have an account and using it every once in a while can be beneficial, especially as you try to attract employers in the future. Small updates like posting that you made the dean’s list or you joined a student group show involvement and dedication.

Use a professional portrait

Tip three is have a professional portrait for your profile. For Finlandia students, FinnU has a portrait session every semester for students who need or would like a professional portrait. LinkedIn users can also add cover photos to their profiles. Makela’s cover photo is a basketball court, because she would like to get a job in sports. While a cover photo is not necessarily needed, the group decided that the cover photo should reflect what you are interested in. LinkedIn will also inform you how your profile ranks and what should be added to improve it.

Build Up your profile with experience and skills

Tip four is to add your past and current job experiences. Good profiles have up-to-date information on them. With job experiences, users should also post any skills and volunteer work. LinkedIn also allows users to upload media to their profiles. Freeman, for example, has her resume posted on her account. Makela suggested to Geliche that she should share her portfolio on her profile.

Don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements

The group also suggested to ask for endorsements. Employers and co-workers can comment on a user’s profile by endorsing the skills they listed on their profile. Along with endorsements, recommendations can be added to profiles as well.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is an important aspect of LinkedIn. Building your network is staple to the app, as it is in the workforce. The group recommends continually building your network. Makela and Freeman can attest that networking has helped them open doors in the past. Whenever you finish a class that you enjoyed, add your professor as a connection. Whenever you complete a good group project, add those that were in your group. You never know who will be a good connection later on in life.

Makela, Geliche, Richards and Freeman hope these tips were helpful to those who needed help with LinkedIn. For those who don’t need help, keep connecting and don’t forget your password!


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