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Dean of Enrollment talks 60 in 60 on Finlandia Fridays

October 15, 2021

Dean of Enrollment Anthony Schwass joins Finlandia Fridays this week to talk about the admissions team’s new campaign, 60 in 60.

“There are roughly 60 high schools and career technical education centers, or CTE’s, in the U.P. and we’re planning on visiting them all in 60 days,” Schwass said. “We aren’t just popping in once and not coming back until the next year. Our plan is really to build the relationships we have with these local schools into true partnerships.”

Education Partner Manager Lauren Huested is taking on the challenge of visiting these schools in person, making sure every Upper Peninsula high school has the opportunity to collaborate. Schwass details that Huested is engaging with students in ways that focus on facilitating exercises that begin to prepare them for college or their professional pathways.

“We offer several options for counselors and teachers to consider, so they can choose how we are engaging with their students,” Schwass said. “Goal building, personal branding, FAFSA workshops, personality indicating exercises, we’re there to offer something of real value to the students.”

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