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Enrollment Counselor Jason Dart introduces Early Bird Scholarship on Finlandia Fridays

December 10, 2021

Jason dart admissionsEager to talk about the new Early Bird Scholarship, Finlandia Fridays bring on Enrollment Counselor Jason Dart to discuss topics like “Who can apply?”, Finlandia’s expedited admissions process and tips for how students and families can maximize their financial aid opportunities. Announced earlier this week, the Fall 2022 Early Bird Scholarship is a new, one-time $500 scholarship for students who apply and submit their transcripts by Jan. 1.

“It’s $500 for doing something you have to do anyway. Everybody has to submit a transcript at any college to be able to be accepted, so we figured let’s offer an incentive, let’s get those transcripts in soon as possible.”

For many students, applying to college can be confusing and disheartening. Finlandia’s Admissions team sets out to make that process as easy as possible with Enrollment Counselors, like Dart, who guide incoming students at every step along the way. Dart talks about how applying to scholarships at FinnU works along with its ‘rolling admissions’ process, expediting application turnaround times to less than three days.

“Students and prospective students don’t have to individually apply for each one of our scholarships. Instead, as soon as they apply for admission at Finlandia University, they automatically apply for every single entrance scholarship that we have,” Dart said.

Don’t miss this week’s episode! To learn more about the Early Bird Scholarship, visit finlandia.edu/scholarships.




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