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Everything we do is for you, our students.

The goal of Academic Support services at Finlandia University is to help you succeed in your academic course of study. Many support services are available to all current students. Please do not hesitate to ask us for help.

Student Support Services are provided to all students though collaboration between the Office of Academic Success, TRIO Student Support Services (SSS), and the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC). The goal of this collaboration is to provide students with services and learning opportunities that ensure all members of the campus community feel supported and respected. A comprehensive set of programs are coordinated that promote professional and personal growth and academic success.

1. Creative Insight/Personal Perspective: Students will access and utilize Finlandia University services that promote academic success.
2. Communication: Students will be able to self-advocate for meetings with academic success coach (or appointments with tutors or meetings with professors, etc).
3. Personal Perspective: Students will be able to set appropriate goals for improving GPA (or improving organizational skills or attending classes/tutoring sessions, or completing assignments, etc).
4. Analytic and Critical Thinking/Creative Insight: Students will be able to use appropriate problem-solving strategies to identify patterns of behavior that inhibit academic success as well as behaviors that improve academic success.
5. Creative Insight/Personal Perspective: Students will be able to assess their preferred learning strategy, and evaluate strengths and ways to improve weaknesses.

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