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Finlandia University is committed to helping you in your self-discovery process.

Whether you’re hanging out at Finlandia Hall, visiting with your friends and classmates in the dining hall, or involved in a student activity, your experience at Finlandia will be a learning one.


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Academic integrity

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Student Life and Leadership

Student life on campus provides students with programs and services that intentionally promote student leadership opportunities. Students are provided with opportunities that promote a physically and mentally healthy and active lifestyle.

  1. Communication/Personal Perspective: Student leaders will be able to effectively demonstrate and apply professionalism, communication skills and leadership talents in small group settings.
  2. Communication/Personal Perspective: Students will design and organize programs and activities that seek to involve all members of the campus community.
  3. Personal Perspective: Students leaders will engage in, promote, and organize meaningful community service projects.
  4. Personal Perspective: Student clubs and organizations will coordinate and implement student led events that foster professional and personal growth of those within the organization.
  5. Global Perspective: Student leaders will demonstrate the skills needed to develop programs and services that emphasize multiculturalism and respect for others.
  6. Analytic and Critical Thinking: Students will be able to describe the Finlandia University Code of Student Conduct and understand their Rights and Responsibilities.
  7. Personal Perspective: Students will participate in activities and programs that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  8. Analytic and Critical Thinking: Students will apply critical thinking skills in making decisions regarding healthy and responsible behavior.


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