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Finlandia Fridays Welcomes FinnU Overview to Finlandia Podcast Network

March 26, 2021

This week on Finlandia Fridays, International School of Business students Jakob Vettori (Marketing) and Joseph Watson (Accounting) talk about their new student-run podcast, FinnU Overview.

Vettori and Watson talk about how a business class project led to this exciting opportunity to be featured on the official Finlandia University Podcast Network after being discovered by Finlandia Fridays host, Olivia Myers. The pair, who are both originally from Hancock, hope the new student-run podcast will provide insight into life as a Finlandia student as well as the Houghton/Hancock community.

“We thought we’d be able to give some of our insight not only the Hancock/Houghton area, but also Finlandia University and help students who might want to transfer over or high school students that are thinking about going,” said Watson, a sophomore who took advantage of the Hancock Award which provides free tuition for Hancock high school graduates. “You’d think there would be a lot of local students at Finlandia, but honestly there isn’t, so maybe this podcast can help local students decide they want to stick around.”

Vettori, a junior, originally went to school in Colorado for a year before transferring back to Finlandia. In the first episode of FinnU Overview, he talks about being able to take advantage of the $10,000 Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship.

Both Vettori and Watson are excited to share their perspective on what’s happening at Finlandia and hope their audience will engage with them in the comments section.

“We just hope they see a different view of Finlandia and see what Finlandia’s all about,” said Vettori. “Throughout the episodes, we want to get feedback of what people want to hear about Finlandia, what they want to listen to, so they’re not just listening to us talk about ‘stuff’. we want to make it interesting for every listener.”

The pair also hope to add a vlog component in upcoming episodes. FinnU Overview is completely recorded, edited and written by Vettori and Watson. The logo was created by Art Therapy student Casana Ryynanen. You can catch FinnU Overview every other Thursday on the Finlandia Podcast Network wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. 



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