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Lion Around Podcast’s Single Pringles Create Dating Profiles

February 19, 2019

Most people will admit that dating is hard, and dating in college is even harder, at least for some. Nowadays, dating apps are prevalent in college dating culture. Resident single ladies and hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche decided to see if dating apps were truly worth the hype by creating profiles.

Lion Around logoFreeman starts the podcast off by mentioning how the idea initially came about. After recording the previous episode, Freeman and Geliche were discussing what the next podcast should be about. Mistaking the dates, Freeman said the next episode would go out around Valentine’s Day and jokingly said that the two should talk about their non-existent love lives.  Long story short, the idea stuck and resulted in the current episode.

For the episode, Freeman and Geliche both downloaded two dating apps. Both hosts downloaded Tinder, currently the most popular dating app, and then the dating app of their choice. Geliche chose Bumble as her second app, while Freeman downloaded the app Hinge.

Creating the Tinder accounts first, Freeman and Geliche had to sign up for an account and add in some basic information. Information that was needed included gender, sexual orientation, school and age. Accounts are not complete until at least one picture is added. After pictures are uploaded, users are ready to start swiping. For those unfamiliar with the app, Tinder finds potential dates within a specified radius. If users are interested in someone, they swipe right on a profile. If they are dis-interested, users swipe left. Profile can include several pictures and even a bio, where users can share their thoughts about what they are looking for.

After creating the Tinder profiles and getting the hang of the app, Freeman and Geliche moved onto their second apps. Creating her Bumble profile, Geliche learned that Bumble can be used for more than just dating and can be used to find friends or to network. Freeman and Geliche both noticed that their second profiles took considerably more time to create than their Tinder profiles. Both hosts had to fill out actual prompts to create their profiles, with the prompts appearing on their profiles.

With the profiles created, the hosts compared the processes of creating profiles for their different apps. The hosts admitted that their second profiles took longer to make, asking more in-depth questions like political and religious stances. The second apps, while similar to Tinder with liking and looking at pictures, offer more information when choosing potential dates. Freeman stated that on Hinge, to create the profile, three prompts have to be chosen and answered before the profile can be created.

While Freeman and Geliche continue to look for their soulmates, check out previous episodes of Lion Around as well as the rest of the podcasts created by the Finlandia Podcast Network in the links below.


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