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Lion Around hits home talking about homecoming week

October 4, 2018

*Cue drum roll* — It’s homecoming week! FinnU is bringing homecoming back and there is an all-star lineup of events. This week’s episode was recorded in Old Main, the school’s original building.

Formerly known as Suomi College, and started in 1896, Old Main used to be the only building on the campus. Freeman and Geliche kicked off the special edition episode by recounting the special times they had at their high school homecomings. Geliche stated that she had a special attachment to homecoming since she was in the pep band, who’s job was to pump people up. Freeman mentioned that homecoming was the one thing she looked forward to after starting the school year, and she loved going to the dance to “whip out her white person dances moves.”

Reflecting on homecoming prior to recording, Freeman referred to the themes that were apart of homecoming and the competition associated with the themes, stating her class was competitive, so when classmates didn’t dress up “they received frowny faces.” Geliche talked about how her school had two pep rallies, one to announce homecoming, and the other to pump the school up for the football game. The theme for FinnU’s homecoming this year is “Bleed Blue.”

For the entire week of homecoming, FinnU students are able to compete in the Blue Warrior Challenge. The challenge will have students competing against each other by having them go to various events, where they will score points. The person with the most points at the end of the week will be crowned the Blue Warrior, gaining eternal fame and glory and marshaling the homecoming parade on Saturday.

In the parade, spectators will be able to see Riku’s Royalty, or the homecoming court. Students were nominated by their peers, and voting is underway. The winners will be the two students with the most votes at the end of the week.

Other events happening during homecoming week are an alumni social where students will be able to talk to alumni and expand their networks. A pep rally will also take place on the Friday before the homecoming game on Saturday. For a full list of the homecoming events go to finlandia.edu/homecoming.


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