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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program that advances the pursuit of broad knowledge and integrative thinking in the academic tradition of the liberal arts.

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The Liberal Studies program is an interdisciplinary program that allows you to dive into multiple areas of interest. You can tailor the degree to two or three of your own chosen disciplines, meaning one liberal studies major could have a very different experience from the next. Finlandia allows you to personalize your college experience so you can get the most out of your time here. 

Featured Minor – Finnish & Nordic Studies

Finnish & Nordic Studies minors build an understanding of aspects of Nordic history, culture, and society with a special focus on Finland, which can be arranged to correspond directly with your major field, or to call to your unique interests separate from your major.


Liberal Studies is known to be one of the broadest career fields out there. It’s a career that can be shaped and molded solely based on your interests and what you want out of it. With a degree in liberal studies, you could go into social work, education, law, the medical field, retail, graduate school and so much more. There’s a beauty in not being confined to one discipline after graduation. You can change your mind just about any time and go anywhere.

"For future students I would highly recommend the liberal studies major at Finlandia. The degree is very flexible where you can pick courses that interest you, and have two or three areas of concentration. If I could do it all over again I would choose the same degree. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a new field of study. I made the leap to take an American history course, and ended up with a concentration in history. College is a time to explore yourself and find your passion, and the variety of courses at Finlandia allow you to do so."

Alex Chutskoff ('15)

"Like a lot of freshmen, you don't really know what you want to do. Coming to college, you're kind of confused and you don't really know what program you want to go into. I didn't want to go into the strictly business field because I wasn't sure I was going to do very well in the math sections of business. So, I decided to go with liberal arts. It gave me an opportunity to really expand and pick different concentrations for my major."

Brittany Coleman ('15)


Amanda Maleche

Leading the Pride dives into Liberal Studies with alumna and Executive Director at Anthology Senior Living, Amanda Maleche (’12). Maleche, who transferred to FinnU after two years at the University of Michigan-Flint campus, originally started her college career in nursing before switching majors after doing the Service Learning Program and going to Tanzania. She has held a number of jobs in world of geriatrics including activities coordinator, business office director, and assisted living coordinator.

Listen as host Olivia Myers and Maleche talk about the value of a liberal studies degree, how servant leadership guides her career and how her experience in Tanzania influenced the rest of her life.


  • Communication/Personal Perspective: Explain ideas and concepts through written, verbal, and technological communication skills.
  • Analytic and Critical Thinking: Integrate strong critical thinking skills through discovery, analysis, and application of knowledge.
  • Analytic and Critical Thinking/Creative Insight: Utilize effective problem solving skills using the scientific method, logic, creative thought processes, and interpersonal skills.
  • Creative Insight/Global Perspective: Acquire a depth of knowledge in chosen fields of study with support from practical experiences outside of the classroom.

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Student Spotlight: Daniel Zuchak, Liberal Studies

November 15, 2021

Daniel Zuchak, from Rittman, Ohio, transferred to Finlandia University to get his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and play for the Men’s Basketball team. One of the main reasons Zuchak chose Liberal Studies as his major is because it allows him to learn about various subjects and become a more well-rounded individual. 

“I have gotten to take courses ranging from business, sports management, religion and psychology. It is fun getting to learn about different things,” said Zuchak.

As a Read More

PTA 2+2
FinnU’s New 2+2 PTA Program

February 14, 2020

On this episode of Finlandia Fridays host, Olivia Myers is joined by senior Jayson Dahlquist and administrative coordinator for clinical education, Nicole Polakowski. The group discussed the new PTA 2+2 program that allows students to receive their associate’s degree in PTA and continue on to receive their bachelor’s in Liberal Studies. With this program students the opportunity to move on a Doctor of Physical Therapy program if they choose.

“The 2+2 came about because of students like […] Read More

Finlandia Top Liberal Arts School Great Value
Finlandia Named a Top 30 Liberal Arts College in the Midwest

February 06, 2020

Finlandia University has been named a Top 30 Liberal Arts College in the Midwest according to Great Value Colleges.

“Finlandia is honored to be included in the list of the Top 30 Liberal Arts Colleges in the Midwest, as presented by Great Value College,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Fredi deYampert. “Finlandia is indeed a great value. We are the only liberal arts university in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our tuition is competitive and the quality of […] Read More


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