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Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day special of Finlandia Fridays

February 15, 2019

Finlandia Fridays is feeling the love this week. Dubbed “Fin-LOVE-dia” Fridays for the Valentine’s Day special, students Tyler Kangas and Zuleiki Wight visited to share their “Fin-LOVE-dia” story.

Kangas is a senior nursing student from Manistique. Captain of the football team, Kangas is also a resident assistant (RA). Originally starting his college career at Northern Michigan, Kangas heard of FinnU’s nursing program and the new football team, which led to his transfer. Being a part of the football team from the start, Kangas said that he has made lasting relationships during his time as player and as a nursing student.

Wight hails from Island Park, Idaho. Also an RA, Wight is captain of the women’s soccer team and a member of student senate. As captain, Wight was happy to see success this past season and is excited to see where the team will go next season. Graduating with a PTA degree in the spring, Wight has one more year to finish her healthcare management degree.

Kangas and Wight met at a mixer during Kangas’s sophomore year. Kangas mentioned he and Wight would occasionally chat with him usually starting the conversation. The couple didn’t get together until they reconvened at RA training the following summer, where sparks started to fly.

As RAs, Wight and Kangas help students, especially underclassmen, adjust to being away from home. Wight stated that being an RA, and being involved on campus in general, has helped her to meet a variety of people and to have a variety of experiences. Not one to shy away from a leadership position, Kangas stated that his time as an RA has been a positive one, allowing him to connect with people. Both Kangas and Wight agreed that the community in the dorms is familial which makes it the students’ “home away from home.”

Spoiler: There was no proposal in this week’s episode. With that said, there was plenty of love in the air!


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