Mission & Strategic Vision of Finlandia University

Finlandia is a learning community dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service.

PLan 2024

The aim of Plan 2024 is to build institutional resilience that positions Finlandia for a more durable future enabling it to realize most fully its academic vision: to advance expansive learning that best prepares students for the 21st-century workplace and world.

Plan 2024 builds on, revises, improves, and extends Finlandia’s Plan 2021 document. It builds on the visioning language and components of the prior plan. It revises key goals and strategies in enrollment and finances. It improves with visible marks of systematic and integrated planning. It extends from 2019 to 2024. And, it is accompanied by an equal measure of resolve to work toward its fullest realization.

The first sections of this document summarize the Plan 2024 planning process and context. Strategic vision summaries are followed by goals, strategies, and actions and benchmarks. Its primary companion documents are program-level plans and a 2019-2024 financial forecast.


Philip Johnson, Ph.D.

Download the full text of Plan 2024 Executive Summary (PDF)

PLan 2021

As we imagine and plan for Finlandia University’s 125th birthday in 2021, we draw upon the courage and imagination of those who have loved and led this learning community for well over a century. Our first thoughts are of gratitude and praise for those who have gone before and served so unselfishly—often in the midst of great adversity—her educational mission. We today, lead both humbled and inspired by their deep commitments and perseverance.

Our visioning activities over the past two years and more have reaffirmed that Finlandia’s best self lies within. Plan 2021 does not so much seek to import strategic novelty as it does stir us to deeper and more deliberate expressions of our best self.

Plan 2021 represents, therefore, a more precise articulation, a more disciplined application, and a more rigorous assessment of our shared values and commitments. When such is achieved, our envisioned future becomes that singular lens through which we view the entirety of our life together. It becomes our reason for being. It defines us, unites us, inspires us and, ultimately sets us apart.

In 1946, at Suomi College’s 50th anniversary celebration, President V.J. Nikander commented, “Now … Suomi faces a future which contains more than the usual number of uncertainties … the need for a view to Suomi’s place as an American educational institution is urgent … Suomi must set her sights high.” President Nikander’s comments are as relevant now as they were in those post-war years. Today, through shifting and even colliding currents in North American higher education, Plan 2021 charts a daring course for firmly establishing Finlandia’s place in higher education and for realizing her highest aspirations.

Download the full text of Plan 2021 (PDF)

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