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Dining Services

Dining Services at Finlandia University is here to serve students and the community through the café at Finlandia Hall and on-campus catering services.


Today’s Menu

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Breakfast7:30 – 10 a.m.Continental11 a.m.
Lunch11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.BrunchNoon – 1 p.m.
Dinner4:30 – 7 p.m.Dinner4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Daily Rate

Breakfast    |    Lunch  |   Dinner

$6.75               $8.75       $9.25

Faculty & Staff Payroll deduction 

Dining Plans 2021-2022

New to Fall 2021, Finlandia University announces FinnFlex. A new meal plan program scheduled for rollout by October 1, FinnFlex provides students ‘flex’ in their diets with funds that can be used at off-campus restaurants through newly formed partnerships. The pilot program, led by Finlandia Dean of Students Erin Barnett, will also feature the new service through on-campus vending machines. All meal plans, except Block Plans, will include varying amounts of FinnFlex to spend.

Approved FinnFlex vendors for Fall 2021 include Queen City Burger Company and Milly’s, eateries right down the street from FinnU. FinnFlex may also be used via PepsiCo vending machines found on-campus.

Participating locations will be supplied with card readers that will swipe student ID cards housing FinnFlex. Students are encouraged to enjoy these additional venue options and may add to their FinnFlex account at any time. As Finlandia continues to develop new partnerships, students can look forward to the growing possibilities with FinnFlex!

All on-campus students will be automatically enrolled in the Limitless Plan, but students with 30+ credits earned may opt into a different plan by August 23 at 4 p.m.. If students wish to request a meal plan other than the Limitless Plan, they may complete this form.

Finlandia Meal Plan Policy

Options (meals do not carry over)

Rajaton (Limitless) Plan: $4,620

This plan encourages a more natural, flexible style of eating. Eat whenever you are hungry, and eat as much or as little as you care to eat. This plan offers an unlimited number of swipes in the Finlandia Hall Cafeteria. Required for first-year residential students with less than 30 credits earned.

  • Unlimited swipes in the Finlandia Hall Cafeteria 
  • $50 FinnFlex per academic year

Kulta (Gold) Plan: $3,850

This plan is great for sophomores, juniors and seniors who live on campus. Option for residents with 30+ hours earned and commuters.

  • 15 swipes per week in Finlandia Hall Cafeteria 
  • $100 FinnFlex per academic year 

Hopea (Silver) Plan: $3,000

Option for residents with 55+ hours earned, commuters and employees

  • 12 swipes per week in Finlandia Hall Cafeteria 
  • $150 FinnFlex per academic year

Pronssi (Bronze) Plan: $1,500

This is the ideal flexible option for commuters on the go!  Option for commuters, employees.  

  • 5 swipes per week in Finlandia Hall Cafeteria 
  • $200 FinnFlex per academic year

Flex Only Plan

Students, faculty and staff can purchase a Flex card for $4, which allows them to establish a FinnFlex account for use at the Finlandia Cafe, vending machines and approved off campus vendors.  Flex Only Plans are a convenience option and door prices for Finlandia Cafe meals apply.  Ozzi tokens must be purchased separately with the Flex Only Plan.  

Block Plans: 

Good for 12 months from time of purchase.  Can be used in the Finlandia Cafe for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ozzi tokens must be purchased separately for Block Plans.

10 meal – $80

40 meal – $320

80 meal – $625

Individual door prices: $6.75 breakfast; $8.75 lunch; $9.25 dinner

*swipes are non-transferable

**FinnFlex can be used at campus partners and in vending machines. Unused FinnFlex will rollover from fall to spring semester as long as the student is still enrolled at the University.  If a student does not enroll in the spring semester, remaining FinnFlex must be used during the fall semester the plan was implemented.  FinnFlex does not rollover to new academic years.  No refunds will be issued.  FinnFlex is non-transferrable.  FinnFlex cannot be used to “pre-pay” for an event or services or be exchanged for any type of gift certificate.

*****Students may change their meal plan choices during add/drop week each semester without penalty. 

Approved FinnFlex vendors: Queen City Burger, Milly’s


  • You must first purchase an OZZI container for $10 in the Finlandia Hall Café.
  • Use the OZZI container for your first meal purchase.
  • Rinse or wipe out the container after finishing your meal and bring it to the OZZI machine located in Finlandia Halls main front lobby.
  • Follow directions to insert the dirty container into machine and receive a token that can be to used on your next retail meal purchase.
  • Pick-up a clean OZZI container for your next Café meal. Present your token to the cashier. If you do not have a token, you must purchase the OZZI container for $10 plus the cost of your meal.

Faculty and Staff