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FinnU Overview Episode 3: What’s there to do in Hancock, anyway? Part 2

May 3, 2021

FinnU Overview have released their third episode! If you haven’t already listened, head over to our Finlandia Podcast Network and tune-in to hosts Jakob Vettori (Marketing) and Joe Watson (Accounting) who pick up where they left off last episode on the topic of things to do in the Keweenaw. This time winter activities are highlighted and in an action-packed episode the hosts feature the “building of the week”, Mannerheim Hall. Vettori and Watson also find time to walk us through both campus and sports news including your Lions of the Week, graduation and book buybacks.

“When I was first coming to Finlandia in the summer I enrolled for criminal justice,” Watson said. “I went right to Jason Sullivan’s office and asked if he could help me out with a schedule change and he helped me just like that. It was really easy.” 

“That just goes to show at Finlandia the faculty is really there to help you, too,” Vetorri said. 

FinnU Overview will be available every other week during the school year on the Finlandia Podcast Network. The logo was created by Art Therapy major Casana Ryynanen. Listen to the full episode below and subscribe so as not to miss upcoming episodes.


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