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What’s Burning? Lion Around Podcast Gives College Cooking Tips

September 25, 2018

The Lion Around podcast went back into Finn Hall for its third episode, which focuses on college cooking tips and tricks. Finn Hall (short for Finlandia Hall), is the only residence hall on FinnU’s campus, and it is equipped with community lounges on each floor. Each lounge comes with a microwave, stove top, mini fridge and, sink so students can cook for themselves outside of cafeteria hours or instead of going to the cafeteria.

Since many students are on their own for the first time, here are some tips that Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche have compiled to (hopefully) help with the nightmare that is cooking in college.

college cooking tips: Fast- and Easy-to-make Foods

Lion AroundIf it all possible it is good to have a basic knowledge of a kitchen prior to arriving at college. It’s not a big deal if students don’t, but the more active students are in the kitchen, the easier the transition to college cooking. An easy food to make in college, according to Geliche and Freeman, are eggs, particularly scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs can be cooked a variety of ways and can be “spruced up” to the student’s liking. Geliche and Freeman also mention other easy-to-cook foods like noodles, oatmeal and the college staple, popcorn. Also important, or at least to Freeman, popcorn buttons on microwaves lie, and do not actually cook the popcorn appropriately, which can set off fire alarms.

Amateur Tip: ALWAYS READ DIRECTIONS! Freeman and Geliche could not stress enough the importance of reading package directions.

Dorm-friendly kitchen gadgets

Dorms are relatively appliance friendly. Finlandia students are allowed to bring in a variety of appliances, save for toaster ovens and hot plates. While the sizes can vary, Freeman and Geliche suggest that students purchase a mini fridge(s) for their rooms. By doing so, the students have their own place to store food and leftovers. Having your own fridge also negates the need to use the community fridges that are in the lounges, so students don’t have to worry about their food being taken by other ravenous students. Microwaves and coffee pots, regardless if you drink coffee, also made the list. Coffee pots can be used to make ramen, noodles and instant meals with heated hot water. Freeman and Geliche also advise students to have basic kitchen utensils, like a plate, a bowl, fork, knife, spoon, reusable water bottles and mugs.

Amateur tip: If you use your coffee pot to make a pot of coffee then use it to make ramen, clean the pot out, so the ramen doesn’t taste like coffee.

Grab and go foods or snacks

In the hustle and bustle of college life, students may miss café times, so Freeman and Geliche suggest keeping these “quick” foods on hand. First off, fruits. Bananas, apples and oranges tend to be the fruits that best accommodate the college budget. Granola bars are also fast and can be eaten to and from class, or depending on your teacher, in class. Bread and peanut butter are also basic staples that can be used in a variety of ways. Freeman personally prefers the old fashioned, yet very portable PB&J, especially when she has homemade jelly. Rounding out their list with crackers, ramen, fruit snacks, seasonings, instant oatmeal, pudding, yogurt and chips.

Amateur tip: Crush up granola bars and put them in yogurt instead of buying granola.

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