Donations are now open for #GivingTuesday at Finlandia University!

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in countries around the world.

At Finlandia, #GivingTuesday means giving back to students. All donations received this #GivingTuesday will go toward Finlandia’s annual scholarship programs to help make Finlandia affordable for current and future students. Currently, 100 percent of all domestic full-time Finlandia students receive aid.

We hope you take a few moments to learn about our scholarships, endowments and awards below, and find inspiration to support our next generation of Lions!



Rise Together Scholarship

The Rise Together Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that, when combined with federal and state scholarships and grants, covers a student’s entire tuition costs and aligns with Finlandia’s mission of providing affordable higher education to all. The Rise Together Scholarship can be applied to the first two years of study at Finlandia. After the completion of 56 credit hours and/or an associate’s degree, students can easily transfer into a bachelor’s degree program and become eligible for the Yooper or Sisu Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship, which can be renewed on an annual basis.

The Impact of Scholarship Support


Traditional Scholarships

With our all-new scholarship calculator, streamlined scholarship packages, a plethora of scholarship add-ons and a financial aid team that goes above and beyond to help each student, Finlandia strives to make higher education affordable for all.

At Finlandia University, our vision is to advance expansive learning that best prepares graduates for the 21st-century workplace and world. We believe students excel and thrive when learning in an environment that deliberately engages them as whole human beings — mind, heart and body — that advances expansive learning, and fosters enduring positive change in how they think, act and feel in matters of the self, others and the wider world. Finlandia’s vision for expansive learning is served by our commitments to deliver human-centered higher education that is relationship-driven, holistic and transformative.

With your help, we can ensure the fulfillment of Finlandia University’s mission, together.

Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarships

Transfer students come with certain benefits to our school: They’re usually extremely academically prepared, they’re motivated to make things happen, and they graduate at higher rates. Because of that, we’ve worked hard to remove as many barriers as we possibly can, and one of those is a scholarship that the vast majority of our transfer students will be eligible for.

Scholarship Add-Ons

Scholarship add-on opportunities combine with a student’s base scholarship package to make a high-quality education in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula even more affordable, including:

  • $1,000 FAMILY / LEGACY
  • $1,000 HOUSING GRANT


In contrast to the total payout policy used for annual funds, endowed funds limit spending to a portion of the investment return. Therefore, the principal (your gift) can be invested in longer-term, higher-yielding assets with the objective of providing growth and a hedge against inflation.

At Finlandia University:

  • Virginia Fund Scholarship: awarded in memory of Mrs. Richard R. Smith to a freshman woman who plans to continue as a student at Finlandia for the 2022-23 academic year. The Virginia Fund Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement and overall contribution to campus life.
  • Philip and Loret Ruppe Community Service Scholarship: comes as a result of a gift from the Ruppe family to commemorate the service of former Congressman Phil Ruppe, a Houghton native, and his late wife, Loret Ruppe, who served as head of the Peace Corps and as Ambassador to Norway. The scholarship is awarded to two students annually for their outstanding volunteer efforts and service to the college campus and the local community.
  • Kenneth & Lois Seaton Scholarship: awarded to a student who is a continuing junior or senior in a bachelor’s degree program and is a Copper Country resident. The student receiving this award demonstrates high personal and scholastic standards.
  • David Lauren Jokela Endowed Memorial Scholarship: awarded to a student of Finnish background from the Copper Country. The recipients of this scholarship will be returning with a minimum of sophomore standing and must show leadership, service to others, a caring attitude, and sisu.
  • Samuel Westerman Scholarship for Nursing: awarded to upper-level nursing students from the Upper Peninsula who will be returning full-time to Finlandia in the following fall semester. The recipients must demonstrate financial need, be active in volunteer service to the university or community and be in good academic standing.
  • Sisu Award: given to graduating students who have shown courage, fortitude and perseverance in overcoming hardship to achieve academic and personal success.


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