Our mission: to accompany the whole student toward a whole life

The Seaton Center for Vocation & Career gives students a space to cultivate their identity and aspirations from a place of strength and self-acceptance

Vocation & Career

Developing our sense of vocation can help us decide which career paths we want to explore. Conversely, our experiences at a job or during a course of study can help us clarify our sense of vocation. 

The Seaton Center (or CVC) helps students integrate the concepts of Vocation and Career into a holistic understanding of the possibilities within themselves and in the wider world. 

Finlandia students can work one-on-one with our Director of Vocation and Director of Career Services to explore their vocational identity and chart a path toward their life and career goals. 

Embrace Your Strengths

All Finlandia students complete the CliftonStrengths Assessment and meet with a Gallup certified Strengths Coach. This foundational work, typically completed in the student’s first semester, allows Seaton Center staff to provide individualized, strengths-based vocational guidance and career counseling.

Expand Your Horizons

Seaton Center staff help students explore the full range of academic, co-curricular, and fieldwork opportunities at Finlandia. Whether it’s an internship in a new professional environment, a semester studying abroad, or time spent volunteering in the community, we learn the most about ourselves when we venture beyond our comfort zones. Such experiences can inform a person’s vocational and career identity for years to come.

The Seaton Center offers guidance on internships, study abroad opportunities, and other ways to engage with local and global communities.

Express Your Worth

The Seaton Center helps students put their best foot forward. Working one-on-one with our staff, students can identify their vocation and chart a pathway toward a rewarding career. We also offer workshops and events that will help students hone their skills, enlarge their networks, and recognize their value.

The Seaton Center’s Career Services can help students search for great jobs, explore graduate programs, create strong applications, practice for interviews, and more.

mock interview in the CVC

Vocational Discernment

The concept of vocation may be new to some, but at Finlandia it is a core commitment rooted in Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) values. Vocation is derived from the Latin word vocare – to call.  As such, vocation can be understood as a summons to a life where one’s personhood is bound up in the larger purposes of God to love the neighbor for the healing of the world. It is the understanding that each individual has a particular giftedness to contribute to the common good. Vocational identity informs one’s whole way of life – not just the work for which one is paid. 

A strong sense of vocation equips individuals to express their personhood thoughtfully and find fulfillment both personally and professionally. The Seaton Center provides opportunities for vocational reflection where students can wrestle with questions of meaning and purpose.  Such reflection, accomplished through assessment tools, readings, seminars, and individual and group counseling, helps students consider whether their studies or professional aspirations align with their personhood, inspiring them to be attentive to the needs of the world with their unique gifts and contributions. 

Vocational identity informs one’s whole way of life – not just the work for which one is paid – and is never a matter of the solitary individual, but a matter of intentional interdependence.”

– Dr. René Johnson

Career Services

At the Seaton Center, we believe that when students are equipped to articulate their strengths and identify their place in the world, they are better positioned to realize both career and life satisfaction. The Seaton Center helps students develop the practical tools they will need to access jobs and experiences that fuel their curiosity and tap into their unique talents.  

Explore Career Options 

  • Identify individual communication styles and work preferences
  • Develop a job search strategy
  • Research potential employers
  • Interpret job postings

Attend Events & Workshops

  • Career fairs 
  • Graduate school fairs 
  • Networking events to meet and make connections with professionals and employers
  • Etiquette events to practice professional conduct in a business setting
  • Retreats to dive deeper into topics such as vocational exploration and confidence building
  • Workshops that explore topics related to vocation and career such as examining one’s personal narrative and understanding employee rights

Prepare Strong Applications

  • Create and polish flawless resumes and cover letters
  • Develop interviewing skills and build confidence 
  • Identify references and learn how to respectfully request their support
  • Practice professional communication skills 

Seaton Center staff are also available to help students prepare applications and practice interviewing for opportunities beyond traditional employment, including internships, study abroad programs, graduate school, volunteer positions, and more.

Explore Additional Opportunities

  • Available and upcoming internships
  • Study abroad programs and application deadlines
  • Graduate school programs and application requirements
  • Community service and volunteering opportunities

Engage with Alumni

The Seaton Center connects students with Finlandia alumni to broaden their professional and educational networks, learn more about the value of a Finlandia degree, understand how to leverage their education in various fields, and forge relationships that can lead to internship, mentorship and employment opportunities. 


One’s vocation, or calling, unfolds and evolves over the course of one’s life. For many this idea of hungering for a life of meaning and purpose begins in the college years. These stories from Finlandia learning community members will inspire students to listen to their own yearnings for a life of purposeful work that honors the unique contributions they have to make to the world.



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April 28, 2021

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New opportunities

Click on the headings below to learn more about current job openings and other opportunities. For more information or to get help with an application, email CVC@finlandia.edu to request an appointment!

Summer Employment

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After taking the strengths test, I finally feel confident about who I am as a person and what I’m bringing to the world. I know I still have a lot of learning and exploring to do, but this is just one of the many steps of finding who I truly am.

Jordan Pertile, Nursing Major

I have appreciated seeing my strengths themes and learning what they mean to me. I see differently from my peers [and] I stay true to my values and beliefs no matter what is popular. My strengths will help me throughout college for I see ahead and I see why it is important for me to work hard and finish. I can continue to grow my strengths that I may best be able to make a difference in the lives of others.

Jari Juntti, Nursing Major

When I met with Dr. Johnson, I was surprised by how she was able to explain how these strengths are connected and how I can use them in the world; it really inspired me to be the best I can be. This assessment was fun to take because it allowed me to confirm who I thought I was. 

Austin Keranen, Biology Major

Faculty and Staff

Emma Dorst

Director of Career Services


Rene Johnson

Assistant Professor, Religion and Philosophy; and Director, Servant Leadership

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