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Social Media Directory

Everyone loves social media, and at Finlandia University we’re all-in. Below is a list of our official social media outlets, be sure to give us some like love, follow love or simply snap at us! Also, don’t forget our hashtag, #FinnU.

E-MAil Newsletters

The Finlandia University e-mail newsletters are produced for and distributed to university faculty and staff, and university friends and community members. Please review and sign-up for as many e-newsletters you would like to receive via e-mail.

sisu Bulletin

Keep up to date with the many great events that take place on our campus by subscribing to our twice-monthly Sisu Bulletin.

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Campus News

Tells the stories of Finlandia University. This weekly newsletter will highlight Finlandia news, upcoming events and other stories from our campus.

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FinnU Campus Ministry

This weekly e-newsletter will keep you up on the latest Campus Ministry happening and events.

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Alumni & Friends Monthly

This monthly e-newsletter hightlights news, upcoming events and other stories from current students, alumni and friends.

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Parents Monthly

A monthly newsletter keeping parents, family and friends up to date with the latest information from the university. This newsletter will also include financial aid deadlines, reminders, scholarship information, news, events and much more.

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#FinnU Social Media

Best Practices


The ideal frequency for most social media pages is daily and at a similar time each day. Each outlet has its own algorithm for pushing content to your followers and consistent posting helps your account get noticed.

If there is not enough content to post daily, having a consistent schedule (MWF, TR, etc.) will also help the individual, social media algorithm recognize your content and push it to your followers.


Finlandia University uses conversational language to reach our target audience. This kind of language is upbeat, informative but nothing different than how a student would speak to their peers.

Language on FinnU social media should never be derogatory, offensive, speak about illegal activities or use swear words.


Much like the website, the FinnU social media pages follow the style guide brand colors in both the profile images and the images used to advertise the university. Photos and graphics should contain the university’s core colors, be bright, clear and easy to read.


Main # : #FinnU

Alumni #: #FinnUAlumni #ForeverSisu #FinnUFam

Intern #: #FinnTern

Riku #: #RikusPals #RikuGoesTo [ include event ] ex. #RikuGoesToCanalRun

Athletics#: #OnePr1de #FinnUPr1de #NCAAD3 #NCAA #D3Athletics



Don’t see what you need on this page? E-mail Haley Bussell at haley.bussell@finlandia.edu with any questions.

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