Find Your Major

For many incoming freshmen the question of “What is your major?” comes up frequently in conversations with family, friends, and teachers. The largest group of freshmen entering universities are deciding on their major – at this point, it is perfectly normal for you to be unclear on your major or career path. 

Deciding the best major includes identifying options, evaluating your skills and attributes, and prioritizing your interests.

declaring a major

Keep in mind that declaring a major is critical eventually, but not imperative your freshman year. We will help you find a major through general education coursework and personal contact throughout your time here.

sophomore year

Now that you know you have a few semesters for exploration and introspection, start gathering information and taking a close look at your strengths and what you like. Your degree and career path can be developed by exploring career resources, taking advantage of university student support services, completing individual interest surveys, and talking with others. Career resource books, magazines and websites are also helpful. When you take organized, well-thought-out action you’ll put yourself in a position to make the best decision about your major.


Networking is also an excellent way to explore what you might like to pursue as a career. Often the most inspiring advice comes from listening to the personal experiences of others who are pursuing a career that interest you. Professors, local employers, friends and others can all prove to be very valuable in helping you reflect on and identify your interests.

on campus support

Become familiar with Finlandia University and visit student support services offices to find out how they can assist you. Staff from all over campus will be able to talk with you specifically about your interests, and help make recommendations on actions that you can take to assist you in determining a major.

your journey

As you undertake this self-discovery process, ask plenty of questions and keep track of what you have learned. Your notes will help as you decide on a major and perhaps discover interests and knowledge about yourself that you may not have expected.

Good luck and enjoy the journey.


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