Online College Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Dual enrollment is a great opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to get ahead on their post-secondary education at a great discount, or for many students, free.

Finlandia University offers online classes to students nationwide and dozens of on-campus opportunities to those located near Hancock. All of these courses are available on a first-come-first-serve basis at an exceptionally discounted price.

Finnish Strong Scholarship – Up to $12,000

As a Dual Enrollment student, you are already halfway to the Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship since you’ll have completed 3 transferable college credit hours. The Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship is available to all incoming full-time students with 6 or more college credits and a minimum 2.0 high school GPA. Dual Enrollment credits must be from Finlandia University. The scholarship is renewable for all four years and may be applied to any of FinnU’s Bachelor’s degree programs.

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Courses Offered

Not all classes are offered every year or in both fall and spring semesters. Please read each course description below for details.


Course NumberCourse NameCreditsDescription
ARD 126SUSTAINABLE DESIGN SYSTEMS3Introduces students to an evolving array of alternative design systems that are based on a philosophical paradigm shift toward Earth-awareness and environmental stewardship. It also contains a design studio component in which students select a specific sustainable design system and use it to address a particular design problem. Fall semesters. Online course.
ARD 160ART APPRECIATION FOR NON-ART MAJORS3Involves the student in an examination of the visual arts from a variety of cultures and time periods, with a focus on developing a personal aesthetic vocabulary. By looking at painting, sculpture, photography, film, music, fashion, and design, We will explore the visual elements to enhance the student’s conception of the power and purpose of art. Spring semesters.
CPT 202DIGITAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS3Application of digital technologies, blogging, website design, social media marketing, video conferencing, live online video, podcasting and online presentations. Students develop a multimedia project incorporating the technologies learned in the course. Fall and spring semesters.
ENG 103COLLEGE ENGLISH I 3Designed to improve the student’s reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and to give the student a broad understanding of culture and society. Emphasis is on essay writing and critical analysis of non-fiction and literary works.
ENG 104COLLEGE ENGLISH II 3Builds on skills acquired in ENG 103. Emphasis is on writing essays and completing a research paper. Includes a critical examination of fiction and non-fiction. Prerequisite: ENG 103 or instructor permission.
FNS 221HISTORY & CULTURE OF FINLAND3Explores the country of Finland and its many aspects. Students gain an understanding of Finland as a modern nation. Topics include major historical periods of Finland, lifestyle, culture, and mentality, education, politics and society, nature, and population. Fall and spring semesters.
HIS 205WORLD HISTORY I 3Employs a global perspective to examine the transformative nature and diversity of human experience from pre-historic societies through the 16th century. Political, economic, social, and cultural phenomena associated with the beginnings of human society, early civilizations, the emergence of pastoral peoples, classical traditions, world religions, and empires are surveyed. Fall semester, odd years.
HSC 112MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY3The student is introduced to the professional vocabulary of medical terms. Recognition, correct spelling and pronunciation of medical terms will be presented as they relate to the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of the major body systems. Fall and spring semesters.
MUS 120MUSIC OF THE WORLD3A survey of diverse music from across the glove. Students will appreciate music as an art form through listening and interpreting genres from South America, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, India, the Pacific, and the Middle East.
PSY 101INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY3Introduction to the study of human behavior and cognitive processes. Major topics typically include biological foundations, life-span development, learning, personality, perception, memory, states of consciousness, stress and social psychology.
SOC 101INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY3It provides a broad introduction to the field of sociology. Explores different understandings of society and its implications. Students learn to identify and compare major sociological perspectives, understand basic sociological concepts and apply them to various situations.
CPT 202DIGITAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS3Application of digital technologies, including computers, digital video and cameras, courseware and software, website development, blogging, podcasting, and others. Internet safety, intellectual property rights, and ethical issues associated with Internet use are examined. Students develop a multimedia project incorporating four of the digital technologies learned in the course.


Nearly any of our 100-level courses are eligible for dual enrollment. For a full list of available classes, contact our admissions staff.

Dual Enroll Tuition Charges

Most school districts cover the majority of tuition. Contact your school district to find out how much of this will be covered.

The cost for dual enrollment is $140 per credit, plus any additional fees.

Apply Free!

Registration forms are available from high school guidance counselors or can be downloaded below. High school guidance counselors are responsible for determining student and course eligibility for school district state funding. The admissions committee determines eligibility for home-schooled students interested in dual enrollment at the university.

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