Finlandia University’s Lily I. Jutila Center, located at 200 Michigan street on the banks of Portage Lake less than a mile from the main campus, was opened in 2005. The Finlandia University Jutila Campus is located on the banks of the Portage Waterway, five blocks from Finlandia’s Quincy St. campus.

Formerly a hospital, the renovated building now houses Finlandia’s International School of Art & Design (ISAD), the Reflection Gallery, and the Lily I. Jutila Center for Global Design and Business, a small business incubator. The various new studios and labs are expansive and professional in both appearance and equipment. By combining design spaces within a business incubator, we have created a “community” where students, faculty, and business people interact and collaborate – sharing ideas, equipment and workspace. Community entrepreneurs come for consultation services and inspiration.

The Finlandia Reflection Gallery, located on the second level of the Jutila Center Campus, was established to give the students of Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design department, as well as local artists, the opportunity to display artwork in a professional manner in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Over 30 service and retail businesses occupy the Jutila Center. From wellness and design services to insurance, music studios, commercial photography, engineering and software development, these innovative businesses are here to serve you. Stop by the Jutila Center at 200 Michigan Street Monday through Friday and visit Hancock’s popular Kangas Cafe overlooking Portage Lake. If you are interested in starting your own business, you will want to check out the Jutila Center. If you will be setting up a professional internship or need a site for a class project, you can find both at the Jutila Center.

The Jutila Center is an integral component of Finlandia University. Our on-site incubator eases the transition from college to business by providing a supportive and creative environment in which to develop business start-ups. As ISAD’s programs grow and more businesses inhabit this facility, The Jutila Center is becoming a thriving hub of education, innovation and entrepreneurialism.

The Jutila Center sponsors entrepreneurial education on campus including the Faculty Entrepreneurial Fellows program, the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization – Finlandia’s CEO Club, and the FUEL Studio, one of Finlandia’s student-run businesses. The building also houses several University departments including University Relations, Marketing Communications, Admissions, Financial Aid and Student Accounts, Advancement, Alumni Relations and Grants/Development.