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Ask a Campus Read author, Lindsay King-Miller dives into book and LGBTQ awareness

October 19, 2018

Author Lindsay King-Miller was invited to campus this week to speak about her book Ask a Queer Chick; a Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls. While on campus King-Miller dropped by Finlandia Fridays to discuss and inform others of her experiences.

“The campus has been incredibly welcoming. Everyone has been asking great questions, making me feel like everyone has read my writing which makes me feel so special, unique and amazing.”

King-Miller visited several classrooms in her time at FinnU, including a nursing class. In the nursing class, she talked with nursing students about LGBTQ family care and the experiences she and her partner have gone through to have children.

“In a medical setting, especially when going through something so intimate and vulnerable like giving birth, it is so important to feel you’re affirmed and supported for who you are” said King-Miller. Miller stated that the nursing class asked a lot of important questions on how to make LGBTQ family’s medical experiences positive, to which she responded, “just ask.”

“One of the most beautiful sentences in the English language is ‘How can I support you?’”

King-Miller’s talk was earlier this week. At the talk she read excerpts from her book and an essay, then she opened up the floor for what she called “Ask a Queer Chick Live.” Receiving many questions, King-Miller said she answered everything from pronouns to “how do I know if a girl likes me?” Unfortunately, King-Miller stated that she doesn’t have “a gay crystal ball” to inform students about their love interests. Another highlight of the night for King-Miller was after the talk when a student stood up and made a call to action to fellow students to start an LGBTQ club. “Several students stayed after, and within a span of 20 minutes, they had the ground work for a club. While I had no part in that, I am excited to see where it goes,” said King-Miller.

Hailing from Denver, King-Miller has been writing for several years. She started writing her now-famous advice column for the LGBTQ community for the Hairpin. King-Miller noticed that certain cultural information is learned through older siblings, friends and relatives, and LGBTQ people don’t always have that resource. “My goal was not to be an expert, but to be the queer big sister,” stated King-Miller.

“One reason I am excited to be here is as an institution, the school is saying this matters, we care about LGBTQ people,” said King-Miller, when asked about talking about LGBTQ matters. She also mentioned by having a campus that is supportive, LGBTQ students will feel more valued and comfortable.

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