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The Paloheimo Fellowship: Finn-ding out about Finland with Dana Pakulski and Kaylor Holmstrom

October 26, 2018

Seniors Kaylor Holmstrom and Dana Pakulski recounted tales of their times as Paloheimo Fellows this week on Finlandia Fridays. The Paloheimo Fellowship is an opportunity for Finlandia students to study a topic in Finland for several weeks for little-to-no cost.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get to go and study in Finland with very minimal cost.” Dana Pakulski.

Unlike study abroad, the Paloheimo Fellowship requires students to choose an aspect of Finland to study and blog about. Pakulski, who is majoring in English, and Holmstrom, who is majoring in sociology with an English minor, both mentioned that the blog can be difficult, but is rewarding. “You would take in what you would experience that day and then apply it to the blog. Reflecting on the day, you saw how much you actually did,” said Holmstrom.  To check out the Paloheimo blog, click on the link below.

“Being able to talk to a lot of people, who gave us their own take on things was great,” mentioned Pakulski, when asked about her time in Finland. The language and different cultural aspects, like sauna, have captivated Holmstrom’s interests, encouraging her to travel to the Nordic countries on her own. Sauna is an experience that all Paloheimo groups get to participate in by going to a public sauna each year. Holmstrom and Pakulski were all smiles talking about each of their experiences at the public sauna.

Pakulski and Holmstrom highly encourage other students to apply for the program. Holmstrom stated that the experience is special “being able to travel with others, especially Dr. Hilary-Joy Virtanen who is very insightful, you get to experience different facets of the country that you may not experience if you were to travel by yourself.”

Applications for the Fellowship are being accepted now. See the links below to get your application for the 2019 trip.

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