Campus Ministry

The mission of Finlandia University Campus Ministry is to encourage grace-centered spiritual growth among the Finlandia community. Following Christ’s model and message, Finlandia Campus Ministry accompanies students, faculty and staff on their journeys of faith toward God and love toward neighbor.

Affiliated with the ELCA

Campus Ministry is one expression of Finlandia’s Lutheran heritage and Christian identity. Finlandia is one of 26 colleges and universities affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Available to all students

Campus Ministry at FinnUCampus Ministry is available to all students, if you’re interested in participating please feel free to come to our next event or contact Father Eddy Corbin! We also know many students aren’t always active in searching out opportunities, which is why we invite you to refer your friends or family members.

Send a Prayer Request

If you would like to request prayers for yourself, a loved one or some situation that is in your heart, use the form below to send your request to Finlandia University Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry staff will make sure that your request is offered to God with the prayers of Finlandia University’s community in a confidential manner.


Chapel of St. Matthew

The Chapel of St. Matthew, located at the center of the Finlandia University campus, was dedicated in the spring of 2000. The university community worships in the upper level sanctuary. The Campus Ministry Center, in the lower level of the chapel, is used by students and faculty for meetings and fellowship activities. The office of the Campus Pastor is also located on the lower level. The cross on the steeple and many chancel furnishings were designed and produced by the university’s art and design students and faculty. The sanctuary holds an 18th-century crucifix originally commissioned for the Bishop of Constance, Meersburg, Germany. The cross is hand-carved from German pinewood.

Student-led Leadership

The Finlandia Campus Ministry Team (FCMT) is a student-led leadership group that provides overall guidance and vision, as well as planning and promotion of all programs and activities sponsored or organized by Finlandia Campus Ministry (FCM). The team is led by student co-leaders and supervised by the Campus Pastor along with the Director of Student Life. The FCMT is represented on the Finlandia Student Senate.

Growing Together Grace-centered Accompaniment

Love, honesty, respect, and a teachable heart mark Christian accompaniment. The grace-centered accompaniment of Finlandia Campus Ministry walks alongside students, faculty, and staff so that the unconditional love of God offered to all in Jesus Christ may be clearly expressed and experienced. Grace-centered accompaniment offers opportunities that enrich faith toward God and enliven love toward neighbor.

Growing in Faith Toward God

Faith toward God is nurtured through Christian practices such as prayer and meditation, study, and the thoughtful reading of Christian scripture. Community worship is part of the spiritual life of the university. Through Word and Sacrament, God’s love and favor is heard and received. Finlandia Campus Ministry provides opportunities for and encourages participation in these and similar faith practices.

Love Toward Neighbor

Love toward neighbor is a response to God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ. Our neighbor is any person in need. Finlandia Campus Ministry especially aims to provide meaningful opportunities to serve those with physical or material needs. Loving service also includes advocacy for the world’s poor and marginalized, working toward peace and justice, and caring for God’s creation. Finlandia Campus Ministry seeks not only to promote these activities but to nurture the growth of both those served and those serving.


The Office of the Campus Pastor is a defined space of confidentiality, as well as any discussion with the Campus Pastor when the Pastor is working in their pastoral capacity unless the person grants permission. Learn more about confidentiality via the ELCA (PDF).  The principle of confessional confidences, which applies to all ordained ministers of this church, is specified by ELCA churchwide constitutional provision (7.45.).

“In keeping with the historic discipline and practice of the Lutheran Church and to be true to a sacred trust inherent in the nature of the pastoral office, no ordained minister of this church shall divulge any confidential disclosure received in the course of the care of souls or otherwise in a professional capacity, nor testify concerning conduct observed by the ordained minister while working in a pastoral capacity, except with the express permission of the person who has given confidential information to the ordained minister or who was observed by the ordained minister, or if the person intends great harm to self or others” (churchwide constitutional provision (7.45.) in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Support Campus Ministry

We would love to have your financial support for Finlandia University’s Campus Ministry programs. You can donate online, or contact us to see how you can help! We’re always in need of equipment, non-perishable food items and volunteers!


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Campus Ministry Staff

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