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Digging into Diversity Dinner with Dewan Keeling

April 19, 2019

Black Student Union President Dewan Keeling dropped by Finlandia Fridays this week to talk about his experiences at FinnU and the upcoming Diversity Dinner.  Keeling is a junior from Detroit, who is majoring in healthcare management.

“The Diversity Dinner is where our students can come and get together to make dishes that replicate where they are from,” stated Keeling. “It’s a way to make them feel more at home.”

Boasting a broad variety of dishes, the event is not only open to students but to community members as well. The dinner will be Tuesday, April 23, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at Finlandia Hall, with a $10 fee for community members and free admission for students. Follow Keeling and the other students who will be cooking on the Finlandia Snapchat. To add Finlandia on Snapchat, click the links below.

As president of the Black Student Union, Keeling leads the on-campus group in discussions and meetings, while also encouraging the group to be active in the community. “It’s a group that was put together to express a togetherness at Finlandia,” said Keeling. Keeling also mentioned that the group is open to all students, especially students who are interested in talking about current events and equality. If students are interested in joining, they can email Keeling or find him on campus.

Keeling is also one of the resident assistants (RA) in Finn Hall. As a non-traditional student, Keeling stated that the transition into the role has been smooth. Being able to reach out and help people is one of the job perks in Keeling’s opinion. Keeling reflected that taking the position has been one of the best decisions he has made while at FinnU. Any students who are looking to step into a leadership role on campus, like being an RA, can contact Director of Residence Life Leann Fogle.

Along with being president of the Black Student Union and RA, Keeling is a member of TRIO. Keeling mentioned that TRIO has helped him multiple times since starting at FinnU. As a member of TRIO, Keeling was able to visit Wisconsin Dells for a conference discussing graduate school. Keeling mentioned that the information was overwhelming, but it was a learning experience. Now he knows what to expect if he chooses to go onto grad school. For information about TRIO, students can reach out to TRIO Director Cindy Cowell.


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