Sports Management Degree

The Sports Management B.B.A. concentration applies business principles to the sports industry.

Career opportunities include managing community sports programs, sports facilities, or other athletic related entities; working in ticketing and financial operations, sporting goods sales, direct sports marketing and promotion efforts; and providing academic services for student athletic programs. A sports management career is competitive, but rewarding, and offers opportunities to work in a fast-paced setting with others who love sports. Many jobs will require an advanced graduate sports management degree.

Clubs & Organizations – Sports Management

NASSM – North American Society for Sport Management

NASSM is actively involved in supporting and assisting professionals working in the fields of sport, leisure and recreation. The purpose of the North American Society for Sport Management is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management – both theoretical and applied aspects. Topics of interest to NASSM members include sport marketing, future directions in management, employment perspectives, management competencies, leadership, sport and the law, personnel management, facility management, organizational structures, fund raising, and conflict resolution.

Scholarships – Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management

Scholarship Opportunities

Program Policy – Sports Management

ISB students pursue the traditional four-year B.B.A. degree, which requires completion of Finlandia’s General Education requirements, the Business Core (required of all BBA students), 14-16 credits of free electives, and 23-25 credits in the Sports Management Concentration.

Study Abroad Opportunities – Sports Management Programs

Students considering traveling abroad to study International Business must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA and apply to the Dean of the International School of Business to make arrangements. Students are highly encouraged to study at least one year of the Finnish language (or language of destination country) prior to departure for study abroad to while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sports management.

International Partners

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Jyväskylä)

JAMK Summer School – Creativity and Communication in Business (3 week program in June)

International Study Programs International Admissions (906) 487-7208 |

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What you will learn

What Can I Do with a Sports Management Degree?

Graduates will be able to:

  • Assume leadership roles in organizations that engage in sports and recreation management.
  • Conduct effective operations management and marketing public relations for sports events, facilities, and business.
  • Integrate a blend of business skills, management techniques, and an understanding of human sport and recreation needs and opportunities.

Sample Courses (CORE)

  • Sports Marketing
    Applies the principles of promotion and marketing for college and high school athletics, professional sports, corporate fitness clubs, and resorts. Available spring semesters. Prerequisite: Junior standing.
  • Sport Business and Finance
    Studies theory and applications of fundamental business practices as applied to sport management. Topics covered include revenue sources, budget development, ownership, taxation, financial analysis and economic impact studies. Emphasizes ticket, group, sponsorship, food service, and broadcast sales as well as fundraising development. Available fall semesters. Prerequisite: Junior standing.
  • Facility and Game Event Management
    Offers an overview of the operation, management, and financing of public and private assembly facilities, including arenas, coliseums, and stadiums and the elements of managing sport games and events. Available fall semesters. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Career Opportunities

Marketing Manager, Advertising and Promotional Manager, Sports Manager
Kevin ManninenDean, International School of Business Associate Professor of Management & MarketingFinlandia Universitykevin.manninen@finlandia.edu906-487-7371
Steve NordstromAssistant Professor, Sports Management, ISB
Associate Director of Athletics
Finlandia 487-7338

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