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Finlandia Fridays: 2023 Scholarship Packages

November 18, 2022

Anthony SchwassIn last week’s episode of Finlandia Fridays, Dean of Enrollment Anthony Schwass joined the show to discuss FinnU’s all-new Scholarship Calculator. In part two of this featured series, Schwass dives deep into the new scholarship packages offered at Finlandia and what they will provide incoming students.

“It is simply streamlined now. No longer are scholarships not stackable with each other, if you qualify for a scholarship, you get it, along with all of your other scholarships. Plain and simple,” Schwass said.

Schwass explains that the new traditional scholarships are categorized by your student type and where you’re coming from, then tiered based on GPA.

“The Yooper scholarships are going to be either for students graduating from a U.P. high school or transferring from a U.P. college or university. The Northern Neighbors scholarships are going to be for our Canadian students, and then the Sisu scholarships are going to be for all other students.”

The Scholarship Calculator takes the new scholarship packages and, within two to six questions, provides students with the minimum scholarship amount they will receive from Finlandia University. This all comes before applying Finlandia’s Scholarship Add-Ons and filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which can only further lower a student’s cost of attendance. After filing the FAFSA with Finlandia’s school code 002322, students may also qualify for the Rise Together Free Full Tuition Scholarship.

Giving Tuesday 2022

Dedicated to raising money for annual scholarship programs, Finlandia officially opened donations for #GivingTuesday on November 10.

To learn more, visit finlandia.edu/givingtuesday.

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