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Lion Around’s 2018 college student Christmas gift list

December 3, 2018


Lion Around discussing college gift lists

With the holidays coming up, Lion Around hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche sat down to talk about a serious topic, what to get a college student for Christmas. Recording on the second floor of North Wind Books, Freeman and Geliche discussed the excitement of receiving kitchen utensils as you grow older. With several categories and puns to get through, Freeman and Geliche started with useful cookware/ kitchen items.

What’s Cooking?

Freeman first suggests a slow cooker for college students, since slow cookers tend to be an easy way to make food. The hosts would like to remind students, or family, that dorms do not allow slow cookers, so be mindful of housing policies when purchasing gifts. Recipes and cookbooks are also an option, especially for the students who have to cook for themselves, or as Geliche suggests, just find a roommate who will cook for you. Coffee gifts are another suggestion, including beans, prepackaged mugs with hot cocoa or coffee, or a travel mug. Geliche suggests a reusable water bottle, a handy tool to use to avoid being called upon in class and keep you hydrated.

Socks, Socks, Socks

Moving on to clothing items, the top clothing item, agreed upon by Freeman and Geliche, is socks. Especially thick socks, because it can be cold in the Keweenaw. Weather appropriate clothing is also suggested, like bibs or heavy coats. When looking at bibs or coats, Freeman and Geliche swear by Carhartt, stating the outer gear stays warm and lasts for a long time. Slippers or socks with grips are great too, at least they are to Freeman, who has slipped down the stairs in her house. Sunglasses, watches and fitness trackers are also great ideas.

Students just want to have fun

Freeman stated that for the past couple Christmases, and birthdays, that she has asked for people’s favorite books, to expand her book shelf and her “what to read” list. If books are not your thing, movies are also great. Quality headphones and subscriptions to streaming sites, physical magazines or “goody boxes” allow students to fill time that is not spent not studying. A good camera that is separate from a phone is another idea, especially if the individual likes to pick up hobbies and be creative. Blankets, candles, haircuts and massages also made the list.


Last but not least, Freeman and Geliche had several suggestions that did not fit in the previous categories. These suggestions include anything dealing with cars. For example; a tank of gas, an oil change, snow tires, an auto survival kit and a sturdy snowbrush. Tools and fans, while they may not be the most exciting gifts, are some of the most useful, especially if students are in dorms that are hot or need to fix anything within their rooms. Geliche talked about “decking everything but the halls” in the Servant Leadership House, when Freeman mentioned that ornaments made the list.

To finish off the list, Freeman and Geliche agreed that when in doubt, money and gift cards will suffice as gifts to help pay for groceries or gas. Stopping by your favorite local bookstore *wink wink* is also a great option. Keep your eyes peeled for the holiday episode that will be coming out later in December.


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