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The International School of Business provides a liberal arts-based, practical-oriented undergraduate business education. The program incorporates an integrative approach in keeping with today’s dynamic business environment. It works collaboratively with other Finlandia programs and with the local community to establish networks of knowledge and resources, promote successful business and entrepreneurial ventures, and support the university mission.


Through its progressive course and program offerings, practical oriented approach, global emphasis, and adherence to quality teaching methods and standards, the ISB will be the institution of choice for those seeking a quality well-rounded business education in a small college environment.


With a focus on small and medium-sized businesses, the ISB prepares undergraduate students for business-related careers. The BBA core of classes provides a solid foundation in accounting, business law, economics, finance, management, marketing, and computing. Advanced coursework adds depth of knowledge in one of seven business concentrations. The ISB faculty is devoted to teaching. Many professors have prior business experience, and all work closely with students to guide them through the educational experience. The ISB believes that the greatest rewards come to those who understand and practice sound business leadership skills for the benefit of employers and employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Teaching those leadership skills comprises the foundation of the BBA curriculum.


Upon completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program, International School of Business graduates will be able to do the following:

  1. Global Perspective: Develop and demonstrate personal, organizational, and global ethical behavior.
  2. Communication:  Demonstrate interpersonal skills in order to effectively collaborate with various stakeholders in the business environment.
  3. Creative Insight: Identify, evaluate, and apply integrated business competencies to various applications.
  4. Personal Perspective: Students will be able to create a Personal SWOT analysis and perform an elevator pitch after completing personal analyses using recognized personality assessment instruments.
  5. Analytic and Critical Thinking: Students will be able to evaluate core concepts and develop a cohesive argument to apply to the facts of the case study.

Degree Programs   

There are several options for the bachelor of business administration (B.B.A.) degree: a traditional four-year program; a BBA in Marketing and Graphic Design; A second BBA for those who wish to complete a second bachelors in Business while at Finlandia; a 2+2 BBA in Health Care Management for those with an associate degree who are interested in the health care field; and a B.B.A. in Applied Sports Management for students with an associate degree who are interested in the athletics and sports management field. A minor in Business is also available to students completing other Finlandia degree programs.

Bachelor of Business Administration.

Most ISB students pursue the traditional four-year B.B.A. degree, which requires completion of Finlandia’s General Education requirements, the Business Core (required of all BBA students), 14-16 credits of free electives, and 23-25 credits in one of the following business concentrations:

  • Accounting: Accounting is the language and foundation of every business. The role of accountants in preparing and communicating financial information is crucial to decision-making in domestic and international businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations. The ISB provides a strong financial accounting foundation and builds upon the foundation by introducing students to managerial accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting, auditing, and accounting information systems.
  • International Business: The International Business concentration is for students who wish to work with multinational firms. With a focus on small and medium-sized companies, the concentration’s course requirements provide a background that enables the student to assist firms with the business and cultural challenges of an increasingly global marketplace. International Business students will study international marketing, global entrepreneurship, global economics, project management, cross-cultural communication and will select electives that further lead to an understanding of international business.
  • Healthcare Management: This concentration is for those who wish to pursue a career on the business side of the attractive healthcare field. Typical careers include healthcare office or clinic management and human resources management. In addition to the General Education core courses required for all Finlandia students and the Business Administration core completed by all BBA students, the Healthcare Management major takes courses tailored especially for healthcare management professionals, such as epidemiology in healthcare, healthcare and ethics, healthcare delivery, healthcare finance, and healthcare information systems. Students also complete a senior capstone course that integrates their business and healthcare knowledge.
  • Management and Entrepreneurship: This versatile concentration opens the door to careers as varied as branch managers, service managers, human resource managers, departmental managers, account managers, materials managers, plant managers, quality managers, continuous improvement coordinators, and catalog managers.
  • Marketing: Marketing is an ideal choice for students who like to interact with people, are intrigued by human behavior, and like being rewarded for what they do. Marketing applies the principles of psychology, sociology, technology, anthropology, and business to the challenge of determining what people will buy. Marketing careers may focus on general marketing strategy, marketing research, new product development, product and brand management, customer relations, promotion and advertising, e-commerce marketing, consumer behavior, planning, and sports- and arts-related event marketing.
  • Sports Management: The Sports Management B.B.A. concentration applies business principles to the sports industry. Career opportunities include managing community sports programs, sports facilities, or other athletic-related entities; working in ticketing and financial operations, sporting goods sales, direct sports marketing and promotion efforts; and providing academic services for student athletic programs. A sports management career is extremely competitive, but rewarding, and offers opportunities to work in a fast-paced setting with others who love sports. Students choosing this concentration should have excellent academic credentials, work ethic and a passion for success.  An advanced graduate sports management degree is recommended for students pursuing this option.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and Graphic Design.

The program will enable graduates to work effectively in industry-standard creative teams, moving from logically identifying and assessing consumer needs and desires to the design of effective promotional graphic materials. The program will develop a student who is proficient in marketing and graphic design which emphasizes the benefit of such dual-proficiency in a team.

Second degree Bachelor of Business Administration in Applied Management.

This Applied Management B.B.A. degree is an option for students currently enrolled in other Finlandia University bachelor degree programs and for those who have completed bachelor degrees in non-business fields, either at Finlandia or another accredited college or university. Typically, requirements can be completed in one to two years.

2+2 Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

Tailored for students who have completed an associate degree in medical assistant or another two- or three-year health sciences program, the two-year BBA in Healthcare Management builds a solid business background focused on healthcare management

2+2 Bachelor of Business Administration in Applied Sports Management

The 2+2 in Applied Sports Management is intended for students who have an associates-level Physical Therapist’s Assistant (PTA), Medical Assistant (MA) or related degree and are interested in the athletics and sports management field.

Minor in Business.

The Business minor provides non-Business majors with a basic understanding of business principles that may be useful in their careers or for entrance to MBA programs. The business minor requires the completion of 21 credits.

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International School of Business Staff

Fredi deYampert
Fredi de YampertVice President for Academic Affairs; Dean, College of Health SciencesFinlandia Universityfredi.deyampert@finlandia.edu906-487-7301
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Haley MakelaVisiting Assistant Professor of MarketingFinlandia UniversityHaley.Makela@finlandia.edu906-487-7268
Kevin Manninen International School of Business Dean
Kevin ManninenDean, International School of Business Associate Professor of Management & MarketingFinlandia Universitykevin.manninen@finlandia.edu906-487-7371
Laura SiedersAssistant Professor of AccountingFinlandia Universitylaura.sieders@finlandia.edu(906) 487-7359
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Nathan PerreaultAssistant Professor of Management.Finlandia Universitynathan.perreault@finlandia.edu906-487-7569
Steve NordstromAssistant Professor, Sports Management, ISB
Associate Director of Athletics
Finlandia Universitysteve.nordstrom@finlandia.edu(906) 487-7338

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