TRIO Coaches

Academic Contacts

Each TRIO SSS participant is assigned to a TRIO SSS Coach.

Your TRIO SSS Coach will meet with you when you join TRIO Student Support Services.

In partnership, you and your TRIO SSS Coach will complete your Graduation/Career Plan.

Your Graduation/Career Plan will chart your course to completion of your bachelor degree. The plan will incorporate your strengths and challenges as a college student.

Areas that your plan will include are:

  • An overview of all the resources available to you as a FinnU and TRIO SSS student
  • A summary of your strengths and challenges
  • If needed, regularly scheduled professional tutoring sessions
  • Short and long term academic goals
  • Short and long term personal goals
  • Short and long term career goals
  • Information on how to take part in cultural, educational, service and social events and field trips

Your TRIO SSS Coach will schedule personal check in meetings with you 3x per semester. Your TRIO SSS Coach is available to you as often as you need them.

Personal student check-ins are held:

  • At the beginning of the academic year
  • Semester mid-term
  • At the end of fall semester
  • At the beginning of spring  semester
  • Semester mid-term
  • At the end of spring semester and academic year

We have an open door policy.  Stop by at any time for any reason.

Some students stop in almost everyday just to say “Hi!”  Others stop in only when they have a question.  Sometimes the question is simply,”What time is lunch in the cafeteria?”

There is always someone in the office.  Any one of the TRIO SSS folk can assist you.

TRIO Student Support Services

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