Career Services at Finlandia University

Students seeking assistance in career searches, development of their résumé and cover letters, or practicing for an upcoming interview, will be warmly received at this TRIO Student Support Services program. Field trips to local and regional career fairs are also sponsored by TRIO SSS.

Areas of assistance offered include:

  • Career exploration – self-assessment, choosing or changing majors
  • Resume development – learn the different types available and choose the one that best fits you
  • Cover letters – discover their purpose and why you need one
  • Mock interviews – designed to simulate an actual job interview
  • Making a good first impression with employers – how you should dress and what you should say
  • Thank you letters – they really are necessary
  • References – who should be included and who should not
  • Networking – what it is and why you need to start now
  • Job search strategies – making a plan that works for you
  • Assistance with regional job fairs – providing information and field trips to a variety of career fairs

Job Search

If you are looking to explore the opportunities available in a given field, our Career Library contains many resources to help you with your search.

In addition to our library of reference materials and computer lab, participants receive one-on-one counseling and advice from the Career Services Manager to help them prepare a strategy for their job search.

Graduate School Information

You can research majors, course work, requirements, assistantships and other items needed when selecting graduate programs and schools. A variety of graduate school exploration field trips will be sponsored by TRIO SSS.

Assistance with on-line applications is also available. GRE prep support is available.  

Students interested in pursuing an advanced degree should make an appointment at their earliest convenience, as time sensitive deadlines may apply.

Resumé Assistance

To assist in the process of building a Resume, fill out the TRIO SSS Resume Draft Information Form and bring the completed form with you to see TRIO SSS staff. 

National Employment Websites

Leading online Career Management Tool that creates precise connections between individuals and opportunities. The world’s top financial services firms are currently using OneWire to hire candidates for open positions.  Other career fields are in the process of being added to OneWire’s broad directory.


Monster.com is an employment website that provides information on available jobs, resume help and assistance with other aspects of a job search such as interviewing advice, job search strategies and salary information.


Career-Building-LogoCareer Builder is an all purpose employment and job search site that assists the user in developing a resume and also provides tips for job search strategies, as well as posted jobs.

After-College-LogoThis is specifically created for college students and recent graduate students.  This is both a job and internship site that allows job seekers to post their resume.  This site has a search engine, providing job seekers easy access to numerous job openings across different states.  For more convenience, job seekers can filter their job search by job type, area, industry, and type of career.  The site also offers information and career advice.


College-Grad-LogoCurrently, the number 1 entry-level job site as it provides job search service for college students and recently graduated students.  It is probably the only entry-level job site that list down the Best in Class Employers, Top Intern Employers and Top Masters Employers.  The site also offers job search advice and virtual career fair.  Furthermore, it allows resume posting, and internships searching.


College-Recruiter-LogoA job site designed for providing entry-level job and career opportunities for college students, recent graduate students and graduates.  It also displays part time and full time job listing.


Vault-LogoThis site has more than 150,000 job postings from up to 27,000 employers.  Due to its popularity, the site branched out into recruitment.  It has insider reports on different companies and it allows job seekers to search through multiple criteria, including job categories, keywords, experience, location and date posted.  The site also has email job matching service.


ThingaMaJob-LogoA free career site, allowing job searching and online resume posting for users.  It has features and career tools for job seekers to utilize.  Job searches can be done by job categories, location, keywords and date posted.

Jobster-LogoThis site allows you to perform advanced searches including: multiple keywords, phrases, the radius from a city, or date posted.


Regional and Local Employment Websites

Job search site connected with TV 6, Marquette Michigan. Daily listings of job opportunities open to all job seekers.

Job search site connected with the local newspaper, Daily Mining Gazette, published in Houghton, MI.  



beyondtmIt is considered the largest non-newspaper affiliated job board in Mid-Atlantic, operating in 10 states.  The site provides information,
discussion and careers.  Job seekers can browse and search for the job they wanted and they can also post their resume.

This multi-function site lists jobs for all categories of MTBworkers and the unemployed.

TRIO Student Services

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