Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy

The Finlandia University Art Therapy program is for students who want to help others through art.

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The art therapy major is designed to provide students with an integrated understanding of the role art plays in relation to human psychology. FinnU’s program prepares students with the fundamental elements needed for a career that explores the healing benefits of art making as related to human psychology. From the Senior Capstone to internship opportunities, our art therapy program provides solid training in both fine art, art history and psychology.


One of the unique aspects of FinnU’s art therapy program is the amount of time students spend in our amazing International School of Art & Design studios. Students learn how to create and critique various different kinds of art including fiber and fashion, ceramics, illustration and painting, and graphic design. In addition, art history and art appreciation classes allow students to reflect on what art means to give them the skills needed when exploring patient work.


Art therapy is a burgeoning career field as the demand for therapists rapidly increases. Art therapists can expect to make between $30,000-80,000 after their degree.

For students looking to obtain their Master’s degree, Finlandia’s program prepares students to enter the next phase of education. In fact, 100 percent of our art therapy graduates have been accepted to every graduate school program they have applied to.


"Most of the time you either major in art or psychology. Then you go to graduate school and decide you want to be an art therapist, so you have to go back and take either art or psychology classes. So, it's pretty uncommon to have this as an undergraduate program. It'll be nice because then I won't have to back track when I do go to grad school, I will have already had all of these credits and can jump right in to the Masters Degree."

Laurin LaBonte (’17)

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2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts Diploma Works Exhibition

May 06, 2020

Exhibit Dates: October 22 to November 24, 2020 Reception: Thursday, October 22, 7:00 p.m.

Finlandia University Gallery has rescheduled the gallery exhibition for the 2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts Diploma Works Exhibition for October, 2020.

Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design (ISAD) celebrates its seniors this week as they complete their Diploma Works Exhibition artwork.  Graduates Annah Smiddy, Chelsea LaPalme, Denia Bent, Mindy Aho and Shannon Chouinard faced many challenges as they completed their culminating artwork for graduation during the […] Read More

Finlandia Top Liberal Arts School Great Value
Finlandia Named a Top 30 Liberal Arts College in the Midwest

February 06, 2020

Finlandia University has been named a Top 30 Liberal Arts College in the Midwest according to Great Value Colleges.

“Finlandia is honored to be included in the list of the Top 30 Liberal Arts Colleges in the Midwest, as presented by Great Value College,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Fredi deYampert. “Finlandia is indeed a great value. We are the only liberal arts university in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our tuition is competitive and the quality of […] Read More

Alumni Update: LaBonte enters Art Therapy master’s program

November 16, 2017

This week Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design had alumna Laurin LaBonte (’17) check in with an update on her first six months since graduation. LaBonte is nearing the end of her first semester of graduate school at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee as she looks to earn her Art Therapy, M.S.

“I am learning a lot in my first semester, and I feel like having a degree in Art Therapy before coming into this […] Read More


  1. Personal Perspective/Analytic and Critical Thinking: Develop basic skills in interpersonal counseling and effectively initiate and maintain relationships with peers, clients, and supervisors.
  2. Communication: Articulate the language of art with written, verbal, and visual skill sets.
  3. Communication: Effectively document the creative process.
  4. Global Perspective: Integrate and evaluate ideas across socioeconomic, racial, and cultural differences.
  5. Creative Insight: Make observations, inferences, determine relationships, and draw conclusions in the preparation of psychological reports.
  6. Communication/Creative Insight: Listen, understand, and critique the principles of art.
  7. Personal Perspective: Understand human psychological development, assessment, and evaluation, behavior modification, interviewing, and clinical psychology.
  8. Creative Insight: Demonstrate the ability to use creative approaches to problem solving.
  9. Global Perspective: Understand and analyze the relevance of art history, theory, and criticism from a variety of perspectives, including that of art history, linguistics, information theory, technology, and the social and cultural use of designed objects and systems.



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Jason Oyadomari

Associate Professor of Biology & Dean of Suomi College of Arts and Sciences

Denise Vandeville

Dean, International School of Art & Design Associate Professor, Ceramic Design
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