Early Alert System

The goals of the Early Alert System are to:

  • Reach struggling students as early in the term as possible
  • Connect struggling students to college resources to resolve their academic issues
  • Help students to maintain or improve their GPA
  • Improve student retention (persistence) rates

Academic Support Services defines struggling students as those who:

  • Have poor attendance
  • Are continually late for class or leave early
  • Don’t take notes
  • Are consistently inattentive
  • Don’t participate
  • Or any student, who in the opinion of the faculty or instructor, is unlikely to be successful in a given course

If you notice a student struggling in your class, these are the steps for the Early Alert System:

  1. Classroom Management: Reach out to the student and meet with them.  Discuss TLC, Academic Support Services, Director of Living and Learning, and their advisor (and TRiO, if they qualify) as the support system.
  2. Early Alert: If the student is still struggling, or if the student says they are struggling in more than your class, submit the Early Alert Form.
    a.      The Early Alert form will be collected.  The students’ advisor will be notified by email of the concern.
  3. Advisor: Once the advisor receives the email, the advisor should contact the student to meet.
    a.      Academic Support Services with follow up with the advisor to discuss the student and meet with the student if needed.
  4. Communication: Academic Support Services will follow up with the instructor to inform them as to the steps taken by the advisor and Academic Support Services.
  5. If the student is still struggling after these steps have been taken, some decisions should be made about withdrawing from the class.

When should I start the Early Alert System?

Early intervention is best done as soon as a potential problem is recognized.  By identifying struggling and potentially struggling students as early in the term as possible, there are simply more options to address student problems.

For a 16-week term, Early Alert should be completed no later than the sixth week of the term.  For an 8-week class, Early Alert should be completed no later than the third week of the term.

Feedback to faculty instructor is essential

All advisors and/or staff will provide you with feedback regarding the students you have referred for Early Alert.

Student doesn’t meet the struggling criteria

If you have a student you have concern for that does not meet the defined struggling criteria. Please contact Director of Living and Learning immediately.

What will happen to my referral?

Academic Support Services will track the students that have been identified.

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