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Finlandia University is dedicated to serving the whole student toward a whole life. We’re here to assist you with any complaints, concerns or problems you may encounter as a student. The University tracks, monitors and evaluates the student complaint process in order to make institutional improvements where needed.

Complaints may be filed anonymously. Please select the proper complaint form for your situation below.

Academic-Related Complaints

Academic-related complaints are those that arise in the classroom. They can surround professors, grading, instruction, classrooms, graduation, advising, etc.

Academic-Related Complaint Form

Non-Academic Complaints 

Non-academic complaints are those that would be covered by Student Affairs such as housing, campus safety and security, or any violation of the Student Code of Conduct. These are filed through our Maxient Reporting system.

Non-Academic Complaints

Not sure which category your complaint falls into or if a behavior is a violation? Contact Fredi deYampert, Vice President for Academic Affairs, or Luke Morrill, Dean of Students. 


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