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Earn your BSN completely online with our new $7,500 price guarantee!

Finlandia’s Online RN-BSN completion track program is designed to fit the busy life of a nurse. With eight-week classes, multiple start dates and a $7,500 guarantee, you can’t afford not to start your online BSN today.

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We know how busy nurses are, which is why we’ve designed our program with working nurses in mind. Eight week classes, multiple start dates, one-on-one faculty assistance and an individualized program plan are all ways we help make your online BSN education experience as easy to navigate as possible.

By working at your own pace, the BSN degree can be completed in as few as four semesters.

Start dates available in January, March, May, August and October. 


Ranked in the top 10 of the 2019 Most Affordable Online Christian Colleges for the online RN-to-BSN program by SR Education Group and as one of the 30 most affordable online RN to BSN programs in the nation, Finlandia’s $7,500 Promise ensures everyone has the chance to pursue their dream.

All students will pay no more than $7,500 toward tuition for the RN-BSN. That’s the price for students who need 30 credits, or as many as 48 credits.

Students will pay $250 per credit hour. Once a student has paid a total of $7,500, they will pay no more tuition money.

Note: This does not cover credits earned through other institutions, study abroad programs, textbooks, or credits not required by the RN-BSN program.

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The proof is in the statistics, nurses with their BSN have improved patient outcomes in acute care settings. These reports come out on a regular basis, but this article from the National Institute of Health is especially interesting.


“Chief Nurse Officers (CNO) in university hospitals prefer to hire nurses who have baccalaureate degrees, and nurse administrators recognize distinct differences in competencies based on education.” – AACN website.

The evidence continues to pile up, as mentioned in this October 2014 article by the AACN, “Based on completed responses from 461 schools of nursing, 45.1% of hospitals and other healthcare settings are requiring new hires to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing (up 1.4 percentage points since 2013), while 79.6% of employers are expressing a strong preference for BSN program graduates.” Read the full article on the AACN website.

Finlandia understand the importance of nurses with BSN degrees and is proud to be Western U.P.’s only accredited program.

Advantages of BSN are plentiful

Having your BSN will open more doors, allow you to make more money, enrich your experience, allow you to provide better care, and much more than that. Aren’t sure if it’s for you? The good folks at Nurse Journal know the cause is worthwhile, which is why they published an article on the best nine advantages to having your BSN.

Top 9 Advantages of a BSN



Includes all of a student’s tuition and fees

For busy nurses looking to advance their careers, budgeting for an RN-BSN program should be the least of your worries. At Finlandia University we’re making that part easier with our $7,500 Price Guarantee.

The $7,500 price tag includes all of a student’s tuition and fees, whether that is as low as 30 or as many as 48 credits. It’s a price guaranteed for all students who enter the program. The pricing is relevant only to the university’s online RN-BSN program and is limited only to courses needed for these students. More information on the program is below.


  • When a student’s total bill for the RN-BSN program reaches $7,500 they will receive no additional tuition bills.
  • Courses are billed at $250/credit hour.
  • Students will be billed all normal fees each semester.
  • Students will have five years (or 15 semesters – counting summer courses as one semester) to complete the program.
  • All normal admissions rules and regulations for Finlandia University and its nursing program persist with the RN-BSN program and its $7,500 Price Guarantee.
  • Students lose their $7,500 Price Guarantee by holding a GPA of less than 2.5.
  • Students will only be able to take the courses laid out as needed for the degree as part of the $7,500 Price Guarantee.
  • Any interest in earning a minor or taking other courses will not be included in the $7,500 Price Guarantee.
  • Students will not be eligible for any institutional scholarships.
  • Students will be eligible for financial aid, as usual, to allow for loans and external scholarships.
  • Finlandia retains all federal and state aid.

*Online RN-BSN Completion Program Tuition
Students enrolled in the RN-BSN Completion program will pay up to $7,500 in tuition for the program while successfully completing required courses. If a student drops a course prior to successfully completing it, or does not meet the grade requirement, they are subject to the following:
1. Tuition paid for a course that is not successfully completed (course withdrawal, failing grade, etc.) will not apply towards the $7,500 tuition cap.
2. Any fees incurred by the university for a consortium course will be returned to the university.
*Subject to change


Finlandia Nursing Student

"I had an excellent experience at Finlandia. I had many courses that transferred from previous institutions, but the courses I did take at Finlandia were well taught, and required a reasonable amount of work to complete. I never once felt like the courses were too easy or too hard, but that they required quite a bit of homework that could be applied to real life scenarios. This made the homework something that (weirdly) I actually enjoyed."

Katie LaCosse, 2018 RN-BSN Graduate

"Getting my BSN has always been a goal. I’ve had setbacks along the way, but the online program is perfect because then I can work and be with my kids and still obtain my goal. Everyone at Finlandia was so helpful to get me started and made it a smooth transition from applying to transferring credits. They’ve been supportive every step of the way."

Chris Plourde, 2020 RN-BSN Graduate

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Course Descriptions


Finlandia Nursing
Finlandia Nursing receives accreditation through 2032

August 09, 2022

Finlandia University Nursing is pleased to announce that its program has received national reaccreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The program offers two tracks, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Online RN-BSN Completion Track. The renewed accreditation was granted for 10 years, indicating that the program has consistently demonstrated quality and effective educational practices. 

“CCNE accreditation demonstrates that our BSN program meets the professional standards for baccalaureate prepared nurses. Receiving professional accreditation assures […] Read More

Best Online Colleges in Michigan in 2022 Badge
FinnU online degrees receive national, state recognition

January 31, 2022

Hancock, MIIntelligent.com, a trusted resource for online and on-campus program rankings and higher education planning, has included Finlandia University in its list of programs assessed for 2022. Their annual research identified and assessed 704 programs from 2,900 universities and colleges across the United States on flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost and reputation.

Finlandia ranked #15 for Best Online Colleges in Michigan in 2022 while receiving the Best Student-to-Faculty Ratio award. The research for this list compared nearly 200 […] Read More

Best Value School
FinnU named a 2021 Best Value College

January 24, 2022

For the fourth time in five years, Finlandia University has been named a Best Value College by University Research & Review.

“We are incredibly proud of this award because it reflects the diligent and passionate and personalized work being done by our employees every day, and showcase how our tight-knit campus community fosters these efforts. The definition of value includes the importance, worth, or usefulness of something… Finlandia’s repeated status as one of the very best showcases our inherent […] Read More


The Michigan State Board of Nursing of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Board of Nursing, 611 W. Ottawa Street, P.O. 30670, Lansing, Mich. 48909, (517) 373-7484, approves the Finlandia University Nursing program. The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Finlandia University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.

Initial Approval Received from the MI Board of Nursing: January 10, 2003. Program Accreditation Received from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE): April 21, 2007; Renewed October 18, 2021; Next renewal date is June 30, 2032


  1. Communication: The Nursing graduate communicates effectively with persons through the use of verbal and non-verbal skills, written abilities, active listening, and informational technologies.
  2. Analytical and Critical Thinking: The Nursing graduate integrates mathematics, scientific knowledge, and research with nursing practice.
  3. Personal Perspective: The Nursing graduate demonstrates the ability to meet personal needs as a mature, adaptable member within the nursing profession.
  4. Creative Insight: The Nursing graduate demonstrates the ability to think critically and creatively in the identification, analysis, and resolution of problems, issues, truth claims, and ethical issues.
  5. Global Perspective: The Nursing graduate understands and appreciates the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts within a global and multicultural society.
  6. Concentration in Nursing: The Nursing graduate demonstrates the ability and commitment to practice nursing within the roles of provider and manager of care.

Filing a complaint

Finlandia University is dedicated to a positive academic experience for all students. If you have complaint about your academics, please file one here. Student complaints relating to consumer protection laws offered under the terms and conditions of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), must first be filed with the institution to seek resolution. If you feel a resolution has not been reached, please file a complaint with NC-SARA here and file your complaint (the form is found under Consumer Information). You can learn more about the process at NC-SARA.

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Faculty and Staff

Cecelia Baccus

Nursing Administrative Assistant


Mark Miron

Associate Professor, Nursing


MarnieAnn Polkky

Assistant Professor, Nursing


Irina Sergeyeva

Coordinator, RN to BSN Program; Associate Professor, Nursing; Academic Advisor


Lori Sullivan

Nursing Program Chair; Professor