Accessibility Services

It is the mission of Accessibility Services to guide students with diagnosed disabilities to self-advocate for their academic needs.

Accessibility Services provides eligible students with course and testing accommodations, and access to auxiliary aids and services like Learning Ally audiobooks.


The director of the Tutoring and Learning Center, Veronica Horning, is the point of contact for students needing to arrange accommodations and/or complete paperwork required to receive accommodations. Please see below for Director Horning’s contact information:

Veronica Horning
Director of the Tutoring and Learning Center
Mannerheim Hall, Room 111

How to qualify for Accessibility Services services

To qualify for Accessibility Services services, a student must present appropriate documentation that specifically states the disability and recommendations. Accessibility Services participants are required to renew specific course and testing accommodations each semester.

Policies and Procedures

All students who seek to receive services from Accessibility Services are responsible for:

  • Identifying themselves to Accessibility Services as a student diagnosed with a disability
  • Providing all necessary paperwork to Accessibility Services in a timely fashion
  • Making an initial contact to begin coordination of services

Accessibility Services is responsible for

  • Providing incoming and current students who have self-identified necessary information
  • Meeting with each student to set up an individualized accommodation plan every semester
  • Assisting each student in coordinating accommodations

Faculty/Staff are responsible for honoring the accommodations stated in the accommodation plan.


In order to receive assistance from Accessibility Services, students must submit appropriate paperwork to the director. All records and information are kept confidential.

What if I have a problem with receiving my accommodations?

If a problem arises, you should meet with the director of the Tutoring and Learning Center immediately.

Additional Information

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.

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