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Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design balances experiences in critical thinking and creative insight with a strong foundation in liberal studies. We emphasize the convergence of technical skill and conceptual innovation. The program prepares graduates for emerging opportunities in an international community and provides foundations in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business practices in art and design.


  1. Communication: Communicate of the Elements & Principles of Design within the selected medium.
  2. Analytical and Critical Thinking/Creative Insight: Integrate knowledge of basic business practices as they relate to entrepreneurial ventures, exhibition opportunities, and professional presentation & portfolio development.
  3. Analytical and Critical Thinking/Global Perspective: Resource the relevance of history, theory, and criticism, using perspectives and scholarship drawn from the students’ major field and at least one other field.
  4. Personal Perspective/Global Perspective: Measure decisions involving social, environmental, and ethical issues concerning the production and consumption of Art & Design.
  5. Creative Insight:  Assess the possibilities and limitations of materials and processes, including the potential and current uses of existing and developing materials, technologies, and production methods.
  6. Personal Perspective:  Support an attitude of curiosity, determination, and reflection that will persist beyond graduation.

Graphic Design

In the transition from academics to professional practice, Finlandia Graphic Design students are prepared to:

  • Solve communication problems related to problem identification, research and information-gathering, analysis, generation of diverse solutions, prototyping and evaluating outcomes;
  • Describe and respond to the audience and context that a visual communication solution must address, including recognition of the physical, cognitive, cultural, social, and human factors that shape design decisions;
  • Create and develop a form in response to communication problems using principles of visual organization and composition, information hierarchy, symbolic representation, construction of meaningful imagery, and typography;
  • Apply the use of tools and technology, including their roles in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual messages;
  • Address in their work, the relevance of design history, theory, and criticism from a variety of perspectives, including those of art history, communication theory, technology, and the social and cultural application of designed objects and systems; and
  • Make informed decisions about social, environmental, and ethical issues, concerning contemporary graphic design practice and practices.

Academic Requirements

Art & Design students considering study abroad opportunities must have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA and apply to and make arrangements with the Dean of the International School of Art & Design. Students are encouraged to study at least one year of the Finnish language (or language of destination country) prior to departure if they are heading to that country.

Career Opportunities

  • Art Therapy
  • Art Therapist (additional education required)
  • Teacher (additional education required)
  • Textile Consultant/Weaver
  • Textile Publication Designer
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertisement Designer
  • Art Designer
  • Book and Magazine Designer
  • Corporate Identity Designer
  • Entertainment Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Signage Designer
  • Television Graphics Specialist

  • Exhibit Display Design
  • Advertising Illustrator
  • Architectural Illustrator
  • Art Gallery Owner/Director
  • Cartoonist
  • Children’s Books Illustrator
  • Comic Book Designer/Illustrator
  • Commercial Artist

Progress Sheets

International School of Art & Design Staff

Dr. Cassandra Hill
Cassandra Hill, Ph.D.Dean & Associate Professor of CommunicationFinlandia UniversityCassandra.Hill@finlandia.edu(906) 487-7283
Fredi deYampert
Fredi de YampertVice President for Academic Affairs; Dean, College of Health SciencesFinlandia Universityfredi.deyampert@finlandia.edu906-487-7301
Lindsey Heiden Headshot Photo
Lindsey HeidenVisiting Assistant Professor, International School of Art & DesignFinlandia Universitylindsey.heiden@finlandia.edu
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Levi GrannisCTE/Graphic Design InstructorFinlandia UniversityLevi.Grannis@finlandia.edu

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