2 + 2 Bachelor Degrees

Finlandia University’s International School of Business is proud to offer 2+2 completion degrees for students who are interested in advancing their associate degrees into bachelor degrees. Finlandia currently offers options in healthcare management and sports management, both of which are popular for Physical Therapist Assistant majors.

Healthcare Management

Tailored for students who have completed an associate degree in medical assistant or another two- or three-year health sciences program, the two-year BBA in Healthcare Management builds a solid business background focused on healthcare management.

The major difference between the BBA Healthcare Management major and the 2+2 BBA in Healthcare Management is that students in the BBA program have a slightly stronger background in business while 2+2 BBA Healthcare Management students have a stronger background in healthcare administrative procedures.


Graduates will be able to:

  • Combine competencies in management and general business with a knowledge of the business side of health care in order to effectively manage health care organizations.
  • Handle specialized business aspects of the health care field including billing, human resources, finance, and marketing.
  • Effectively communicate with individuals and groups from different backgrounds, including primary care givers and administrative personnel.


Human Resource Management
Explores effective human resource management in the dynamic legal, social, and economic environments of public and private organizations. Topics include federal statutes that influence the recruitment, selection, training, and development of organizational members. Students study various performance appraisal systems and examine changing benefits and compensation packages. Available fall semesters. Prerequisite: BUS 271.

Healthcare Law and Ethics
Explores legal and ethical issues fundamental to the practice of healthcare and health-related research. Provides an overview of events and milestones that have shaped contemporary regulation. Topics include information privacy, confidentiality, informed consent, licensing, and malpractice. Ethical decision-making models are explored for ensuring quality, safety, and appropriateness of services. Available spring semesters.

Healthcare Quality
Focuses on major quality and safety issues within healthcare organizations. Methods of assessing quality and techniques for improving quality are considered as well as opportunities for preventing adverse events. Includes current requirements for reporting indicators of quality and pay-for-performance initiatives to reward quality. Available spring semesters. Prerequisites: BUS 271, HCM 321, HCM 412.


Healthcare Administrator, Healthcare Manager, Healthcare Executive, Clinic Managements, Human Resources Management


AAHAM – American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) is the premier professional organization in healthcare administrative management. Your one-stop resource center for information, education and advocacy in the areas of reimbursement, admitting and registration, data management, medical records, patient relations and so much more.

AAHAM was founded in 1968 as the American Guild of Patient Account Management. Initially formed to serve the interests of hospital patient account managers, AAHAM has evolved into a national membership association that represents a broad-based constituency of healthcare professionals.

Professional development of its members is one of the primary goals of the association. Publications, conferences and seminars, benchmarking, professional certification and networking offer numerous opportunities for increasing the skills and knowledge that are necessary to function effectively in today’s health care environment.


2+2 BBA Healthcare Management majors complete (1) modified BBA General Education requirements, which require Anatomy and Physiology I, Introduction to Communications, and Psychology and 30 credits of English, math, communications and liberal arts courses and (2)  a modified BBA Core curriculum to fit the needs of 2+2 BBA students, which includes microeconomics, fundamentals of accounting, human resource management, organizational behavior plus the same major requirements as found in the BBA Healthcare Management major.

Sports Management

The 2+2 in Applied Sports Management is intended for students who have an associates-level Physical Therapist’s Assistant (PTA), Medical Assistant (MA) or related degree and are interested in the athletics and sports management field.


Because Applied Sports Management students will usually possess an associate-level healthcare-related degree, graduates with the 2+2 degree in Applied Sports Management will be able to do the following:

  • Combine business skills, management techniques, and an understanding of human sport and recreation needs and opportunities with a health care background in professions such as physical therapist assistant, medical assistant, and related fields.
  • Assume managerial and administrative positions that will complement and build upon their associate-level health care degree.


Sports Marketing
Applies the principles of promotion and marketing for college and high school athletics, professional sports, corporate fitness clubs, and resorts. Available spring semesters. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Sport Business and Finance
Studies theory and applications of fundamental business practices as applied to sport management. Topics covered include revenue sources, budget development, ownership, taxation, financial analysis and economic impact studies. Emphasizes ticket, group, sponsorship, food service, and broadcast sales as well as fundraising development. Available fall semesters. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Facility and Game Event Management
Offers an overview of the operation, management, and financing of public and private assembly facilities, including arenas, coliseums, and stadiums and the elements of managing sport games and events. Available fall semesters. Prerequisite: Junior standing.


Marketing Manager, Advertising and Promotional Manager, Sports Manager


NASSM – North American Society for Sport Management

NASSM is actively involved in supporting and assisting professionals working in the fields of sport, leisure and recreation. The purpose of the North American Society for Sport Management is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management – both theoretical and applied aspects. Topics of interest to NASSM members include sport marketing, future directions in management, employment perspectives, management competencies, leadership, sport and the law, personnel management, facility management, organizational structures, fund raising, and conflict resolution.


Scholarship Opportunities


Students considering traveling abroad to study International Business must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA and apply to the Dean of the International School of Business to make arrangements. Students are highly encouraged to study at least one year of the Finnish language (or language of destination country) prior to departure.

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JAMK Summer School – Creativity and Communication in Business (3 week program in June)

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