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Institutional Challenge Exam (ICE)

To take an Institutional Challenge Exam, Finlandia University students must obtain a form from the Testing Center and submit the completed request (in writing) to the academic dean of the subject area in which the course is offered. For each exam, a $95 fee must be paid in full at the Office of Student Accounts prior to the scheduled exam date. Requests to complete an ICE exam are subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Each academic dean establishes the courses for which ICE credits will be accepted. (See ICE chart below) The college, school, or department develops the test to be used.
  2. The minimum passing grade for all exams is a "C."
  3. Students may not take the Institutional Challenge Exam if the course is being taken or has been taken at Finlandia University.
  4. The credits earned do not count toward residency requirements.
  5. Students may not take an ICE for a course that is available through the CLEP program.
  6. Students may only attempt one ICE for each course.

Currently Offered Finlandia ICE Exams

Course Code    Course Description
BUS 138   Fundamentals of Business,
Economics, and Entrepreneurship
BUS 141   Business Communications
CIS 102   Introductory Computer Applications
CIS 202   Intermediate Computer Applications
EDU 101   Foundations of Education
HSC 112   Medical Terminology
HMS 111   Introduction to Human Services
HMS 270   Substance Abuse
MAT 140  

Intermediate Algebra