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Business students benefit from minor offerings across campus

December 3, 2020

Finlandia University has established a number of academic minors in multiple disciplines that are available to students. These offer the opportunity to complement their major area of study or to offer specialization in new academic areas. The International School of Business now offers 18-credit minors in Healthcare Management, International Business, Management, Marketing and Sports Management for both business and other majors.  

Students working towards their BBA can also pursue a minor outside of the business discipline that can complement their BBA. These include minors in Psychology, Sociology, Environmental Studies, Finnish and Nordic Studies, History and others. For example, students interested in working in the arts can major in Management & Entrepreneurship with a minor in Art History. A minor in Psychology, with its focus on human behavior, is a natural complement to students majoring in Marketing and other business fields.  

One valuable minor for business majors, especially Marketing majors, is the minor in Digital Design

The Digital Design minor has been built to compliment a major in business,” said Graphic Design Professor Tom Adolphs. “Students learn the technical skills required to develop their own logos, marketing materials, as well as website and app layouts. At the same time, Digital Design minors acquire the experience needed to better promote and advertise a business.

By carefully scheduling their general education and open electives, business students are able to complete a minor as part of their 124 credit BBA requirement. For more information on the minors offered at Finlandia contact isb@finlandia.edu or visit https://www.finlandia.edu/academics/minors/.

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