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Student Spotlight: Erika Lambert, Healthcare Management

March 17, 2021

Erika Lambert is a senior from Munford, Tenn. studying Healthcare Management. Lambert transferred to Finlandia from Bethel University and talks about her transfer and FinnU experience.

What influenced your decision to transfer from Bethel to FinnU?
My decision to go to Finlandia University was partly because I did not want to be so close to home. Being from a military background, I am very independent and have moved around a lot so the process wasn’t hard. In October 2017, I visited an old friend who went to Michigan Tech and fell in love with the area. Three months later, I transferred to Finlandia University and have been here ever since.
How was the transfer process for you?
I transferred in-between semesters so it was a little odd. The process was pretty easy; I just had to make sure I turned in all the paperwork and got the right signatures in order to switch schools and be allowed to play soccer here as well. Both uni’s were very accommodating and helpful.
Since you’re a transfer student, you’ve probably received the Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship right? How has that scholarship made college more affordable for you?
The Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship was definitely a blessing in disguise. I did not know about the scholarship and was prepared to sign for a loan. However, because of that scholarship and others, I will be graduating debt free!

Why did you choose Healthcare Management as a degree? 
I chose BUS Healthcare Management because I want to eventually work in Nursing Home Management. My favorite part of the program was working on a case study that analyzed putting patient care first and also visiting the local nursing home. The class I have enjoyed the most would have to be Healthcare Quality because we are constantly learning new ways to assess how we treat our patients.

You mentioned you’d like to work in Nursing Home Management. Why nursing homes specifically?
I would like to work in Nursing Home Management because, since a young age, I have always loved being around elderly. Listening to them reminisce and pass on wisdom was always something to look forward to. My mother would take care of several elderly when I was younger and I would tag along on the trips and paint their nails.
Who has been your favorite professor and why?
I actually have four! Steve Nordstrom, Mark Lounibos, Paul Werner and Mary Jane Hatton are and were my favorite professors. They all have helped me to the best of their ability. They are my favorite because they actually care about their job, challenge me to think, and don’t just go through the motions.
What are you involved in on campus and how have those experiences shaped your college experience as a whole?
I try to be as active on campus as I can. I’ve attended the TRIO leadership conferences, in hopes of learning to be more of a leader to help my future career. A couple weeks ago, my roommate and I made a Jamaican themed dinner for the weekly meals at the chapel – that was super fun and delicious! In previous years, there has been a Diversity Dinner which I love helping out at because you get to enjoy people’s native meals.

What’s your favorite thing about FinnU and the area? 
Finlandia is a very interesting place and I think something that makes it so unique is that the students are from all across the United States. Meeting people that have different backgrounds, beliefs, and interests is exciting and at Finlandia University there is an abundance. Winters in Hancock, I enjoy going sledding down the endless hills.In the summertime, I enjoy playing beach volleyball and jumping into the water off the docks.

Would you recommend Finlandia to others?
I would recommend Finlandia to others who are looking to further their education in a smaller environment.

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