Transfer to Finlandia University in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Finlandia University is a wonderful place to continue your education, especially if you like the individualized attention that can only be provided on a small campus like ours. We take advantage of our small class sizes to offer incredible opportunities to our students. That includes great degrees in a surprisingly wide variety of disciplines (health sciences, fine art and design, business, liberal arts and more!), some of the most beautiful surroundings in the world in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, NCAA Division III athletics and much, much more.

All of that, plus a $10,000 scholarship for all transfer students!

FIVE Reasons to Transfer to FinnU

1. $10,000 Finnish Strong Transfer Scholarship

Transfer students come with certain benefits to our school: They’re usually extremely academically prepared, they’re motivated to make things happen, and they graduate at higher rates. Because of that, we’ve worked hard to remove as many barriers as we possibly can, and one of those is a $10,000 scholarship that the vast majority of our transfer students will be eligible for.

2. Priority Registration Puts You on Equal Footing

Priority registration for transfers means that you can become an enrolled student prior to new freshmen, and therefore will have greater flexibility in scheduling classes. This will make your life easier, allow you to plan more in advance, and ensure that you’re given every opportunity to succeed.

3. Uncommon Attention

At Finlandia, we pride ourselves in providing an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our average class size during the 2017-18 academic year was 11 students, which allows for a more personalized educational experience, ensures no one gets left behind, and aids in the personal growth we see year after year in our students. We pride ourselves in providing a whole-person educational experience.

It’s not just in our classrooms either, most students at FinnU get to know the staff, enjoy a ping pong tournament with the President and because of our focus on service, they get to know the Copper Country community. Bottom line: At Finlandia, you’ll be more than a number, you’ll be a valuable member of our tight-knit campus community.

4. Great Academic Programs and Opportunities

Finlandia University has dozens of great degree options that will fit your interests, skills and personality. We have a page that showcases all of our academic programs, but what we’d highly suggest is reaching out to one of our admissions officers. They’ve met with representatives and faculty from each of our academic programs, and they can help you find your perfect fit. Plus, they’ll tell you all about our incredible study abroad opportunities.

5. We Make it Easy

Our goal is to make Finlandia University the friendliest school for transfer students. How are we looking to achieve that? Our application is free, online and simple. Our acceptance policy is straight forward and quickly enacted upon. Our gracious policy of accepting credits means the work you’ve done will be counted. In today’s world, we know students and families expect things to happen quickly, and we’ve modernized our process to do exactly that.


Steps to Become a student

  1. Application for Admission: Apply online FREE
  2. Submit All Information: This will likely include official college and high school transcript(s), but it will depend on your exact situation.
  3. Financial Aid: We suggest all students complete the FAFSA and work with our Financial Aid office to get a full understanding of their expected expenses and opportunities.
  4. Deposit: Pay a $200 non-refundable security deposit.
  5. Registration: Our admissions office will help you get registered for the next semester.
  6. Housing: Our admissions office will help you find a place at Finlandia Hall or off-campus.
  7. Student Accounts: You’ve been accepted. You’re registered. You know where you’re living. Now it’s time to start packing your bags, buying your books and pay your first semester’s tuition bill. Our Student Accounts office will help you with this.

Applications for admission to Finlandia University are accepted at any time and acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis. Learn more about our deadlines, and get started on your application TODAY!


FinnU-ParadeofNationsFinlandia University is accredited with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and accepts credits from other accredited colleges and universities throughout the nation. Finlandia also accepts credits from options such as College in the Schools (CIS), Dual Enrollment courses, Early College programs, Postsecondary Education Options (PSEO), Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Transfer credit is granted for applicable courses with a grade of C or better to Finlandia’s academic programs.

The Michigan Transfer Network allows students, advisers and the general public to view transfer course equivalencies from Michigan colleges and universities. Visit this site to view transfer equivalencies for Finlandia University.

Transfer credits for out-of-state colleges and universities will be evaluated by the Registrar’s Office when we receive your official transcripts.

For specific questions about transferring credits and academic requirements contact Finlandia’s admission team.

Michigan Transfer Agreement

In 2012, the Michigan legislature included language in the community college appropriations bill that focused on improving the transferability of core college courses proposing and instituting the Michigan Transfer Agreement. In order to fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), students must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0-grade point average in each course. Below you’ll find additional details about the MTA.

Scholarship Opportunities

Finlandia prides itself on making a private education in northern Michigan as accessible as possible, and part of that is helping our students find incredible scholarship and grant opportunities. Our Financial Aid office will work hand-in-hand with every student to make sure every potential financial aid possibility is examined for each student. That could mean federal funding, work-study aid, grants from the state of Michigan or applying for competitive scholarships. Learn more by visiting the Financial Aid section of the website, and while they’re sure to reach out to them and say hi!

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