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Student Spotlight: Getting creative with Marketing major Stephanie Ollila

February 1, 2023

Stephanie Ollila is a junior Marketing major from Ontonagon, MI. The International School of Business at Finlandia University recently interviewed Ollila to learn more about her time at FinnU.

Stephanie Ollila

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Stephanie, but my nicknames are Stevie or Steph. I enjoy spending time outside hiking and downhill skiing. I love creating artwork and making new friends.

Why did you choose Finlandia University?

I chose Finlandia because of the beautiful location and the small class size. Finlandia is a supportive community where I can express myself and learn in a positive environment. There are also many opportunities to develop new relationships and grow as a person.

Why did you choose to major in marketing?

Marketing is all about relationship building and creative thinking. As a person who loves to take any opportunity to create social networks and use the creative side of my brain, marketing fits my personality very well.

What is Finlandia’s major in marketing like?

Marketing is a fantastic major. It combines business, creativity, and relationships. Marketing is the backbone of the business world. Without marketing, a business or organization would never grow.

Tell about any interesting courses, projects or other that you have had and found especially interesting. What made them special?

The project that has interested me the most during my years at Finlandia was interviewing a community leader and comparing them to a famous leader. This was a project assigned for the class BUS 235 Leadership and Team Skills. Furthermore, the topics of both crime and business peak my interest.  Therefore, BUS 361 Business Law is a class that I also enjoy.

Do you play any sports/are you in any clubs?

I live in the Servant Leadership House which devotes themselves to serving the community and being strong role models on campus. I participate on the Esports team as a marketing and graphic designer and I also volunteer at the St. Matthew Chapel for the Monday community meals.Stephanie Olilla

Do you have any special hobbies or interests?

My hobbies include playing musical instruments, drawing, painting, and spending time outside. I am interested in reading and learning as much as possible.

What are your plans after graduation? What are your career goals? How has FinnU been helping you toward that achieving those goals so far?

After graduation, I hope to work on a marketing team in an organization, designing and promoting their goals. I want to live in a larger area with opportunities to explore the career options that connect to my learning at Finlandia. Finlandia’s interactive classes and real-life experiences is really helping me prepare for these career goals.

What would you say to any student that is considering attending Finlandia?

Finlandia is a great place to develop new relationships and discover new opportunities. The Finlandia community is very helpful and welcoming to all students. It is a great place to go to college if you want a more rural experience. The small class size and warm atmosphere makes for a positive learning environment.


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