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Finlandia Alumni Board announces Textbook Award recipients

August 31, 2022
2019 Giving Day Luncheon with Finlandia Alumni Board

2019 Giving Day Luncheon with Finlandia Alumni Board and Textbook Award recipients.

The Finlandia Alumni Board (FAB) has selected 35 students to receive the 2022 Alumni Board Textbook Awards. Resulting directly from the FAB’s annual Giving Day campaign, the application asked each student to share how the award would help in their academic and personal endeavors.

“Receiving this textbook award would greatly help me in my academic journey,” a Criminal Justice major shared. “I am receiving a little support from my parents but for the most part, I am paying my own way through college. In order to do that I am working two jobs and saving as much as I can for this upcoming semester. Every dollar counts and if I received this award it would help me greatly in paying for my education. I would like to thank Alumni Board for creating this great opportunity for students.”

The award is given out as a $250 textbook voucher, redeemable at North Wind Books. Nearly 120 students submitted applications this year.

“The impression Finlandia University, formerly Suomi College, has left with Alumni is evident in their support of funding the textbook awards,” North Wind Books Manager April Stevens said. “These awards come at a time when students are faced with many expenses and they are extremely thankful for being chosen as recipients.” 

In addition to awarding 35 students with textbook vouchers, the Finlandia Alumni Board has decided to donate $1,550 toward creating a need-based emergency student supply fund. Currently, active Finlandia Alumni Board members include Board President Monica Hill (‘76), Vice President Stephen Szuber (‘77), Secretary Jason Sullivan (’01), Laura Bianucci (‘13), Kurt Hilden (71), Grant Holmstrom (‘17), Adam Huey (‘07), Donna Kennard (‘58), Haley Makela (‘19) and Brandon Loera (‘16).

2022 Alumni Board Textbook Award Winners:

  • Jeremiah Amador
  • Cassidy Becia 
  • Vincent Bertram
  • Mikayla Brown
  • Morgan Campbell
  • Ashlyn Christy 
  • Tessa Deal
  • Isabella DeLordo
  • Matthew Dennis
  • Luke Dobles
  • Patrick Donnelly
  • James Eng
  • Jacob Glarner
  • Kylee Hopp
  • Austin Keranen
  • Breann Kieliszewski 
  • Sarah Kuiper
  • Ella Lindgren
  • Kaitlyn Lundeen
  • Shannon Mattson
  • Sarah Moir
  • Lauren Monger
  • Connor Nagy
  • Stephanie Ollila
  • Sarah Parker 
  • Laney Pasemko
  • Joslynn Perala
  • Makenzie Phillips
  • Gabrialla Ramirez
  • Owen Schmidt
  • Yadiel Sevilla Ruiz
  • Arwen Sims
  • Skylar Thomas
  • Rhys Wide
  • Jennifer Ziegenhorn 

To learn more about Giving Day 2022, visit finlandia.edu/givingday.

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