Finlandia Giving Day

March 18, 2020

Giving Day Postponed

In respect to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Finlandia Alumni Board has decided to postpone their Giving Day scheduled for March 18th, 2020.

In a message from Monica Hill, Finlandia University Alumni Board president, “It’s time to channel your Sisu! In this challenging time, while Finlandia students are adjusting to their new learning environment, we are more committed than ever to love and support students in their quest for an education. We hope to show our students that our support does not waiver, and we plan to reschedule the Finlandia Alumni Board’s Giving Day soon. Join me as we show our students what Sisu really means!”

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2019 Textbook Award Winner Testimonials

I am currently studying psychology and I chose to attend Finlandia because of the small school atmosphere, being close to home, and the ability to focus on school while playing football at the university. When I found out I would be receiving this award, I was thrilled because it financially takes away a huge worry, and allows me to work a little bit less. This award also allows me to focus more on school, instead of working extra to be able to afford books. Ultimately, it will help me pursue my dream of studying sport and exercise psychology in graduate school.

-Jacob Clark, Psychology

 I have always loved the U.P. and thought it would be a great fit. I feel very fortunate to be a recipient of this award. Without awards like this I never would have been able to go back to school. Receiving this award means that I will be able to continue my education while working to support myself. After I obtain my degree, I plan on moving to Finland to pursue my future career as well as further education, and this is one small step in that direction.

-Seth Dahl, Finnish and Nordic Studies

I am a first-generation student and am paying my own way through college, I really value all of the help I can get to afford to pursue a degree in higher education. I have multiple jobs to help and have decided to stay living at home to cut down living costs. Without scholarships and grants, I couldn’t afford to go to college and get the great education I am receiving, so I really do value each and every bit. Anything and everything helps. It means the difference between working a minimum wage job and just scraping by to becoming educated enough to do something that I love and make a better living for myself and my loved ones.

-Lindsey Johnson, Business Management

Ways to Keep Giving Beyond Giving Day

Rise Together- make a donation

A new initiative, Rise Together is focused on optimizing the student experience. With your tax-deductible donation you will ensure students can receive a high quality education rooted in service.

Spread the Word

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Connect with other Alumni

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Become an Alumni Volunteer

There are a number of volunteer opportunities available for alumni from the Alumni Mentors to Alumni Advocates. You can also reach out to professors directly and volunteer your time as a special guest presenter, either online or in-person.

Join the Alumni Board

The Alumni Board is currently looking for new members for the 2020-21 academic year. Terms are three years long. The Alumni Board meets monthly via phone conference and annually in-person during the fall.