Finlandia Giving Day

June 14, 2022

Finlandia Alumni Board raises $10,000 for student textbooks

On June 14, alumni, friends and family of Finlandia University joined together in support of Giving Day 2022 in an effort to raise money for student textbooks. Determined to find a way to give back to students, Finlandia’s Alumni Board (FAB) started Giving Day in 2019 and has since raised more than $60,000 in its efforts.

“FinnU celebrates learning, a character trait inherited from our Finnish roots where literacy rates are consistently 99%. Finlandia Alumni Board started Giving Day to help students achieve the dream of a higher education by alleviating some of the worry about funding for textbooks,” FAB president Monica Hill (’76) said.

This year’s goal was set at $10,000, and after waiting a few days to ensure all donations made their way to us, we’re excited to announce our total raised for Giving Day 2022.

$10,300 raised by 44 total gifts.

Giving Day is a day to celebrate all things Finlandia and show the world the opportunities it affords its alumni, family and friends. Thank you to all who donated, shared, and supported Giving Day 2022!

Textbook Award recipients receive a gift certificate to North Wind Books in the amount of $250 to help offset the rising cost of textbooks. Students interested in applying for the Finlandia Alumni Board Textbook Award may do so here until July 22. All full-time, degree-seeking students in good academic standing are eligible to apply. The application is also open to incoming freshmen. Students will be notified prior to the start of classes whether they are recipients.

To learn more about Giving Day, visit

About Giving Day

The story is different for each and every one of Finlandia’s students, but they all share common goals and burdens. These textbook awards mean more now to these students than you could ever imagine.

We hope that you’ll share the Alumni Board’s commitment for Finlandia’s student textbook awards, and we invite you to join in our effort to support their academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today!


Mail-In Gifts: You can also mail in your donation to Finlandia University Attn: Advancement, 601 Quincy St., Hancock, MI 49930.

Our students need your help.

"Ever since the moment I took my first step onto Finlandia's campus, I knew that I belonged here. The atmosphere established by the faculty, student body, alumni, and community so welcoming, yet conducive to productive and life long learning. The experiences and opportunities I have been blessed with during my time at Finlandia have been beyond humbling and have allowed me to grow not only as a student, but also as a person. The Textbook Award would fulfill my Finlandia experience above and beyond any preconceived expectations that I had when I first moved to Hancock, almost three years ago to attend Finlandia.”

2022 Nursing and Psychology Student

"Receiving a Textbook Award would help me out a ton this semester as I work 2 jobs currently to try to save up for rent and things I will need throughout the school year. I would be very appreciative if I won this award!"

2022 Business and Healthcare Management Student

“Receiving this textbook award would greatly help me in my academic journey. I am receiving a little support from my parents but for the most part, I am paying my own way through college. In order to do that I am working two jobs and saving as much as I can for this upcoming semester. Every dollar counts and if I received this award it would help me greatly in paying for my education. I would like to thank Alumni Board for creating this great opportunity for students."

2022 Criminal Justice Student