Finlandia Giving Day

June 16, 2021

A Little Help Goes a Long Way!

Giving Day is a day to celebrate all things Finlandia and show the world the opportunities it affords its alumni, family and friends. On June 16, 2021, the Finlandia Alumni Board seeks to raise $10,000 to help students pay for textbooks.

Campus communities across the globe are coming together to support each other. FAB president Monica Hill (’76) commented on how important this year’s Giving Day is for students.

“Members of FAB were blessed to talk to the students who won the Textbook Award two years ago. It warmed our hearts to hear how meaningful this was, to know that the burden of finding the money to buy these books was lifted. COVID messed up everyone’s year last year, but this year we hope to raise more money and hope for deserving Finlandia students,” Hill said.

The story is different for each and every one of Finlandia’s students, but they all share common goals and burdens. These textbook awards mean more now to these students than you could ever imagine.

We hope that you’ll share the Alumni Board’s commitment for Finlandia’s student textbook awards, and we invite you to join in our effort to support their academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today!


Mail-In Gifts: You can also mail in your donation to Finlandia University Attn: Advancement, 601 Quincy St., Hancock, MI 49930.

Our students need your help.

“As I am no longer living in Finn Hall, money is tighter than ever. Awards like this have made it possible for me to return to school, because cost is the most prohibitive factor that I encounter in my education as an independent, non-traditional student.”

2019 Finnish & Nordic Studies student

“The nursing program is very time consuming and it’s hard to find the time to work to afford the heaping piles of textbooks, online programs, and materials we need to study and practice. The price tag can get extremely high when each semester rolls around, leading to increased stress with it. Receiving the Finlandia Alumni Association Textbook Award can assist me in paying for my books and the ATI program we need to complete our homework. Not only can it help alleviate the financial demand of the program, but it can help reduce stress of trying to find the time to work in between studying to maintain my high GPA and grades.”

2019 Nursing student

“I’m not going to lie, nursing school is expensive, especially through books. During the summer I am a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), working in a field that is going to better me in the future. I love my job, however with bills and books, it’s almost impossible to keep up sometimes. The Textbook Award will help immensely in knowing that a chunk of my books will without a doubt be paid for."

2019 Nursing student