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March 2, 2023

Finlandia University will not enroll students for the 2023-2024 academic year

On Thursday, March 2, Finlandia University’s Board of Trustees announced that Finlandia will not enroll students for the 2023-2024 academic year. The decision follows months of continuous efforts to find pathways for the University to continue its mission.

“I am deeply saddened to announce that due to a combination of demographic changes, with fewer high school graduates available, a steep decrease in interest in going to college among those graduates, and an unbearable debt load, Finlandia’s Board of Trustees met and [...]

Course Descriptions

+ ANT - Anthropology


Using a comparative approach students will learn about a variety of different cultures in the world and will gain basic knowledge about patterns of cultural similarities and differences. Subjects range from tribal politics and economies to the evolution of sex, love, and marriage, the nature of religion, and the origins, development, and diversity of human cultures. Spring semester, even years.


Cross-listed with FNS 330. Europe’s only recognized [...]

School of Business


The International School of Business provides a liberal arts-based, experiential learning-oriented undergraduate business education. The program incorporates an integrative approach in keeping with today’s dynamic business environment. The ISB works collaboratively with other Finlandia programs and with the local community to establish networks of knowledge and resources, promote successful business and entrepreneurial ventures, and support the university mission.


Through its progressive course and program offerings, practical oriented approach, global emphasis, and adherence to quality teaching methods and [...]

School of Art & Design


Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design balances experiences in critical thinking and creative insight with a strong foundation in liberal studies. We emphasize the convergence of technical skill and conceptual innovation. The program prepares graduates for emerging opportunities in an international community and provides foundations in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business practices in art and design.

LEARNING OUTCOMES Communication: Communicate of the Elements & Principles of Design within the selected medium. Analytical and Critical Thinking/Creative Insight: Integrate knowledge of basic business [...]

College of Health Sciences


To provide the health care community with competent, compassionate individuals prepared through programs dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service, with an emphasis on rural populations.

PURPOSE Nursing (B.S.N.)

The Nursing program is designed to provide a balanced curriculum in nursing and liberal studies that will prepare graduates to function as effective members of the health care team. Its mission is to prepare professional nurses dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual awareness, and the practice of nursing. The B.S.N. program provides students [...]

College of Arts & Sciences


The Suomi College of Arts and Sciences (SCAS) provides academic programs that prepare students through scholarly and creative endeavors to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


SCAS programs stimulate curiosity, exercise critical thinking, hone communication skills, and promote active citizenship. Faculty within the College are committed to helping students succeed in their chosen disciplines. Students are prepared for graduate programs, and for careers that demand critical thinking and excellent written and oral communication skills.

learning outcomes Communication – Students will be [...]

Degree Completion

Baccalaureate Requirements

Students must satisfy the following to be recommended for a baccalaureate degree:

Complete a minimum of 120 credits (No more than 12 credits of WEL (Wellness) performance courses may be applied toward graduation requirements.); Complete at least 30 of the last 36 credits at Finlandia University immediately prior to graduation; Complete at least 30 credits at the 300/400 level; Complete at least 18 credits for the major at Finlandia University. Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00; and Complete all requirements for an approved Finlandia [...]

General Education

General Education Program    Mission

The mission of the General Education program is to use a Liberal Arts foundation to introduce students to a breadth of knowledge, skills and information to prepare them to specialize in their major programs of study and to stimulate student inquiry and understanding of personal, social and civic values. In keeping with the Lutheran tradition of intellectual curiosity, free inquiry and community engagement, this program seeks to engage students as whole human beings and foster enduring [...]

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