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2+2 PTA + Healthcare Management Student Spotlight: Tabin Filizetti

November 1, 2021

For FinnU Physical Therapist Assistant and Healthcare Management student Tabin Filizetti, helping individuals take small but influential steps felt like the right fit. He sees the importance in how assisting someone to become more physically capable can make all of the difference. Finlandia’s PTA program is just that; helping people recover through meaningful rehabilitation services.

“Helping people is what I’m all about, the rehabilitation process is amazing to me and I love seeing progress in patients even if it just means something as small as taking a step by themselves after several weeks of therapy,” Filizetti said. “I enjoy it because it shows people how to accept the small victories in life.”

One of Filizetti’s favorite parts of the program is the way he is able to interact with the professors one-on-one. He would recommend Finlandia to anyone who is serious about their education because the University has helped him create strong professional relationships through networks of support. Another part that Filizetti has been enjoying is the newly renovated Hirvonen Hall which houses Health Science classes at the University.  He said that the brand new space has created a very family-like environment for everyone. 

“Everyone at this university is rooting for you and it is very easy to see that. This university has taught me many important lessons including patience, a strong knowledge of the medical field and most importantly sisu,” Filizetti said.

Some crucial aspects that attracted Filizetti to Finlandia include the Keweenaw area and the small community-like feel. A couple of things that he enjoys in his free time include going to the gym, working out and enjoying his time outside at Calumet Water Works, Breakers Beach or Hungarian falls.

“I am a huge Upper Peninsula lover.”

The 2 + 2 PTA Program at Finlandia allows students, like Filizetti, to receive their associate’s degree in PTA and continue to receive their bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management, Sports Management, or Liberal Arts with a Focus in Pre-DPT or Pre-Med.

Learn more about Finlandia’s PTA program at finlandia.edu/pta.

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